21 Harsh Truths No One Tells You About Life After College

Michael Cordedda
Michael Cordedda
Why did NO ONE warn me that post graduation would debatably be the most difficult and confusing years of my young life? You’re too old for everything you’ve known but too young to be a real person yet. I really never expected 22 to be such a struggle; I guess I should have listened to Taylor Swift’s song more carefully instead of just blasting it at everyone’s birthday pre-games this year. This brings me to the top 21 harsh truths about postgraduate life.

1. You will be confused every single day

Even if you are in school or have a job, society forces you to constantly wonder about your future.

2. You will be tired all.the.time

Why? I don’t know why, but you find yourself ok with the fact that sometimes you go to bed before 9pm.

3. Hangovers are a whole different animal

Gone are the days when you can wake up, go out to brunch and be back to normal. Hangovers can now last into MONDAY, that’s right Monday.

4. You will answer questions about your job every day

How’s your job going? Same as it has been all year—thanks!

5. You will feel alone

Even though you’re not alone.

6. You will feel scared

And you have good reason to be scared; now, every decision you make has the potential to greatly change your life.

7. You will feel at once too young and too old for a lot of things

Too old to go out 4 nights a week but too young to stay in—the struggles. But in all seriousness, this concept, regardless of going out, is very real.

8. You will start thinking about marriage and babies

When you find out your classmates are having kids, there is no longer a feeling of pity for them for being teen mothers; kids are normal now. You friends will start getting engaged and you can’t help but think about marriage and babies.

9. You will stop caring about stuff you used to care about

This is like in How I Met Your Mother when Marshall and Lily had a baby and said “don’t come to us with anything less than a 7.” This will be your life, it is understood that there is no time or care for talk about insignificant issues anymore, 7 or higher, Ted, 7 or higher.

10. You will become much better at small talk

Who knew so much could be said about the weather?

11. You will miss college but be happy you’re done all at once

Your body can’t keep up with the college lifestyle and your sanity can’t keep up with that schoolwork.

12. Sometimes you will be sad and cry for no reason

It is what it is.

13. You will be thankful social media exists so you can stay connected with your family and friends

How did people do this before Facebook, twitter and Instagram—hell if I know.

14. You will question your decisions MUCH more because they are much bigger decisions

“Apple or berry vodka?”-type questions you ask yourself in college are much easier than the post-grad-“to live in Denver or Boston?”-question.

15. You will have less motivation to workout

Going to the gym is a dragggggg.

16. You will probably have your heart broken or at least feel like you have


17. You will feel like you can go anywhere and do anything—which is a really great feeling

Unless you’ve already popped out a kid, then sorry.

18. You still have faith that you can achieve your dream job

It’s not too late for you yet.

19. The little things will become more important

Getting letters, packages, nice texts and phone calls are amazing. Voicemails are still unacceptable though.

20. You will learn how strong you are

Bad things will happen and you will be forced to deal with them and in that moment you will realize that you can handle it, you are strong!

21. Despite feeling confused about your whole life…

You feel cool that you are the one in control of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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