There Is More To This Life—Go Get It

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There is more to this life than meaningless conversations, than getting drunk on the weekends, watching your days slip by in an endless stream of sleep and wake. More than the same routines, same beer, same people. More than staring at the television with the window shades drawn, trying to make the night go faster so you can fall asleep and no longer feel.

There is more to this life than watching cars rush past your window, than sitting in traffic without purpose, than pushing your chair closer to a desk where you spend the next eight hours wishing you were anywhere else.

There is more to this life than finding a body to touch, than lying next to someone who barely knows your name, than settling for something that tastes like love but you know in your heart isn’t even close.

There’s more to this life than money, dizzying yourself in circles trying to obtain it, only to find it’s paper and doesn’t bring you happiness any more than the bottom of a bottle does.

There’s more to this life than stumbling around, wondering what it all means, or chasing temporary only to come up empty in the end.

There is more to this life than believing what you have right now is all there is, that this is all you can get, that you’re stuck.

There is so so much out there; go get it.

Go. Go after the person who made your heart skip, the job you weren’t sure you could take but haven’t stopped thinking about since. Go after the dream you were told was too big, the city that felt more like home than the four walls of your bedroom ever did.

Go after the hobby that makes you passionate. Make art. Make music. Make your beliefs become a reality. Make the intangible concrete.

Go to the places people didn’t believe you could. Go great lengths to make things happen without wondering what you’ll do if it all fails in your wake. Go speak your mind, share your story, tell the people you love that you love them, even if they don’t say it in return.

Go after the wild thoughts in your head; stop being afraid that they’re going to lead you astray. There is no such thing as ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ in this life—only lessons. Only growth. Only change. Only discovering who you are.

But you can’t be afraid to pursue the answers.

You just have to go.

So go. Go do the things that scare you, break the routine of comfort even if it’s against the norm. Go hike instead of stare at the ceiling, or meditate in silence instead of guzzling down another beer.

Don’t try to numb yourself because you’re nervous to face your demons, your questions, or the things that truly make you feel alive. Don’t talk negative to yourself as if you’ll never get there.

You will.

But you’ll have to be both patient and bold.

Don’t waste any more time pursuing temporary things and people, chasing after moments in time that truly don’t matter in the big scheme of this life.

Know there is more than bodies who half-love you, than bottles that only leave you with an empty wallet and a pounding headache the next morning. More than waking up to the same schedule, shuffling purposeless through your day. More than wishing you had a different job, different path, different life than the one you’re currently living.

Know you don’t have to settle—there is more, so much more.

You just have to stand up, step forward, and go get whatever it is you desire.

You can’t be afraid of what could be.

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Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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