The One Trait You Absolutely Crave In A Partner, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Energy

For you, it is of utmost importance that your lover/partner/future spouse has energy. A lust for life. A sense of curiosity about the world and people in it. This doesn’t necessarily mean physical energy, but emotional energy—passionate about experiences, challenges, and your day-to-day existence together. You crave someone who is excited about life as much as you are.

Taurus: Stability

Above all else, you value stability—knowing that your forever person is here to stay, and not running at the first sign of trouble. You desire a stable partner is a partner who is peaceful and calm. One who will work towards a middle ground with you. One who cares enough to stay through both good times and bad. One who loves you, and promises commitment and security.

Gemini: Curiosity

What you so desperately need in a partner is a sense of curiosity. You want someone who won’t just sit on the sidelines, but will jump in. Someone who will engage in conversation. Someone who will want, just as much as you, to learn from people and experiences and to try new things. You crave a person who, like you, has a sense of interest in everything that exists around you.

Cancer: Dedication

You are a person who falls in love very deeply. The things and people in your life have such value to you, and in a forever person, you expect and crave this same dedication. Your nurturing nature makes you look for someone who’s going to stick around for the long haul, not just a temporary fling. You need to know that whomever you choose to give your heart to is loyal.

Leo: Support

What you need in a partner, most of all, is a sense of support. You’ve always prided yourself on your ability to love, on your passionate nature, on your kindness and care for the people in your life. That’s why, most of all, you need a person who will support you, encourage you, and accept you for who you are. Your love is loud; you need a partner who won’t dim your light.

Virgo: Peace

You are a calm person, driven by details, thoughts, and the power of your mind. What’s important to you in a relationship is finding someone who will encourage that sense of peace. You want someone who will help to carry your burden when you take on too much, who will strengthen you when you are overthinking, who will calm your heart, even when you’re independent nature takes over. Above all else, you need a partner who will bring softness, kindness, and patience into your life. Peace in a relationship, to you, is essential.

Libra: Security

Something that’s important to you is having a sense of security, knowing that even when you can’t make up your mind, even when you’re struggling to make sense of the world, your forever person is here to stay. You are always searching for harmony in life; for you, it’s important that your partner possesses this sense of balance. You crave, most of all, someone who is secure. Someone you can trust. Someone who will stand beside you, no matter the storm.

Scorpio: Positivity

You are someone who feels very deeply. You are self-aware, and sometimes can be so caught up in your own mind that you overthink, or fall into negative thoughts. That’s why, in a partner, you crave positivity. You so desperately need someone who will pull you from your shell and show you that the world is beautiful when you forget. You need someone who will love you, even when you want to be alone, someone who will understand your complexities and show you your value, your worth, your light.

Sagittarius: Spirit

You are an adventurous soul, always interested in learning, growing, discovering. You like freedom. You like change. You like questioning the things and people around you. And so, it is essential for you to have a partner with spirit—an eagerness for life, an enthusiasm for adventure, a passion for living outside the norm and figuring out the answers to the many questions rolling around your brain. Spirit, to you, is what will define the bounds your relationship: limitless.

Capricorn: Drive

What you desire in a partner is drive. You want someone who is serious, who is stable, who is forever in pursuit of a better life. You are a goal-oriented person, hard-working and passionate about what you do and care about. You crave the same in a forever person—someone who will match that drive for a good life, and will forever push to become a stronger, better person by your side.

Aquarius: Empathy

What you need in a partner is empathy. You have such a big heart, such sensitivity and love for the world around you. What’s important to you, most of all, is having someone in your life who will understand this about you. Who will walk beside you and support others. Who will give and connect with people, even strangers. Who will relate to your emotional side, and match with his/her own.

Pisces: Creativity

Your creative nature drives everything you do. From the minute you wake up to the minute you close your eyes, you are thinking, planning, brainstorming, and daydreaming. What you need, most of all in a partner is this sense of out-of-the-box thinking. You want someone who is passionate, who is interested in the world and how it works, who likes to make something theirs, whether it be art or music or writing, etc. To you, being someone who is vibrant and creative is the most important trait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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