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56 Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriends This Fall

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It’s that time of year again—pumpkin-spiced drinks, Halloween-inspired recipes, cozy sweaters, Jack-O-Lanterns, excessive amounts of leaves, fall booties and hot apple cider—the opportunities are endless! You’re ready to enjoy all that autumn has to offer, and whether you’re single for the season, or just want to spend some quality time with the people you love, here are 56 fun things to do with your girlfriends this fall.

1. Go on an outdoor picnic.

2. Attend a local, free concert in the park.

3. Buy fresh fruits and veggies at a farmer’s market.

4. Bundle up in your warmest sweaters, lay on blankets, and watch the stars.

5. Walk through the park and look at the leaves.

6. Take some of the prettiest leaves, lay them flat, and press them into clear contact paper to make placemats.

7. Volunteer to help out at the local high school’s Homecoming events, or just go to the football game.

8. Make your own Starbucks-inspired Pumpkin Spice Latte at home.

9. Go to a farm and pet baby animals, milk cows, and drink hot chocolate.

10. Stay in and have a scary movie night, complete with your favorite takeout and lots of pillows.

11. Build a fort: indoor or outdoor.

12. Look for coupons for your favorite local museum or attraction and go on a weeknight.

13. Go to the local zoo in silly Halloween sweaters. (Find out if your zoo offers nights where you can drink, ex: Zoo Brew, and go then too!)

14. Hike a really pretty area and admire the leaves.

15. Go to a brewery.

16. Get a big group to attend a cooking class together.

17. Find a favorite quiet spot around town and have wine, cheese, and good conversation.

18. Grab a fall-inspired craft beer at one of the local bars.

19. Try on silly costumes at the Halloween store and take pictures.

20. Spend an afternoon coloring, crafting, or doing something artsy, just because.

21. Search ‘fall recipes’ on Pinterest and do the first one that pops up and looks yummy.

22. Pick two restaurants you haven’t been to, even though you live pretty close. Flip a coin to decide where you go.

23. Bake a pie (from scratch) together.

24. Go apple picking.

25. Find out if an amusement park nearby does any spooky or Halloween-related nights, (ex: Six Flags’ Fright Fest). Go on a cheaper week night and ride all the rollercoasters you can.

26. Go on a fall-inspired beer tour or cider/wine tasting.

27. Make your own caramel apples.

28. Walk through a pumpkin patch and pick the best pumpkin to bring home to carve.

29. Carve pumpkins and take a vote of whose is the best—winner buys drinks.

30. Bake Halloweeny treats to bring to your coworkers.

31. Go on a ghost tour somewhere in your city.

32. Find a fun place to go camping and pitch a tent with a small group for the weekend.

33. Get lost in a corn maze.

34. See when your alma mater’s Homecoming is and go back for the festivities.

35. Make your own, homemade apple cider. (Alcohol optional.)

36. Get tickets to a football game.

37. Attend a local fall festival.

38. Light a fire or make an outdoor bonfire and get cozy. S’mores and fuzzy socks are a must.

39. Go to a haunted house.

40. Volunteer at a soup kitchen for a night.

41. Go on a scenic drive to admire the leaves.

42. Indulge your inner child and go on a hayride.

43. Go tailgating for your city’s football team, or even local high school team, just for fun.

44. Plan, make, sew, create the best group Halloween costumes.

45. Play hide-and-go-seek.

46. Rake leaves for an elderly person in your community.

47. Wear matching capes (or some other piece of a Halloween costume) around town on a random night.

48. Sign up for a Halloween-themed walk or 5K.

49. Visit a historical area in your town and learn about the creepy background. Or just research the origins of Halloween and share spooky stories by a fire.

50. Fly a kite on a windy day.

51. Invite all your friends over for a fall-themed party. Including, but not limited to bobbing for apples.

52. Take fancy fall photos somewhere outside in the leaves. #NewProfPic

53. Make popcorn balls.

54. Go on a hot air balloon ride overlooking the city.

55. Pick three local coffee shops you either love or haven’t been to, and try the first pumpkin-flavored item on the menu.

56. Jump in a big pile of leaves.

There you have it: a list of fun things to do with your girlfriends this fall! 😊
And *hint hint* boys, this list can be perfect for date ideas, too! TC mark

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