10 Reasons Why Teachers Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

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1. They are selfless.

Teachers always put their students first. From listening to their first graders’ rambling stories in the hallway before class to staying during lunch to help a junior with his college prep, they are more than willing to sacrifice their time and energy to support their kiddos.

Teachers are so loving and giving and this translates to their relationships. When it comes to romance, teachers are the kind of people that go above and beyond for their partner, always making sure their S.O. is happy and taken care of.

2. They are patient.

They can sit and listen to problems about who poked who during music class without yawning. They can re-explain a math problem for the thirtieth time without flinching or getting annoyed. Teachers are the most patient and understanding people around. They will be this way in their relationships, too, always willing to give their special person time and attention, without making them feel silly or embarrassed.

3. They know how to communicate well.

In relationships, communication is everything and teachers have a natural knack for this. They are good at both speaking and listening, and will give their S.O. eye contact and encouragement. They have no problem sitting still and letting their partner speak without interruption; they are also very good at expressing their feelings and thoughts because they do this every single day for a living. 😀 In falling in love with a teacher, there will be no communication issues, and instead, continual openness.

4. They are responsible.

Falling in love with a teacher means being with someone who has their sh*t together. Teachers are super responsible and put together. They have a plan, a schedule, a list, a calendar for everything—their working life and personal life—and they know where they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be doing at all times. They will help to keep their S.O. on track, but also make sure to never be late to dates or leave any engagements to the last minute. They will also make sure to keep their partner as a priority in their schedule, just because they’re busy (but not too busy to spend time with someone they love!)

5. They know how to handle crazy situations.

From bathroom accidents, to pet rabbits brought to school in backpacks, to broken arms on the playground, teachers have seen it all. They know how to stay calm in chaos; they are always ready to handle the next emergency and keep everyone from panicking. Falling in love with a teacher means having someone who is great under pressure, cool and confident, and always ready and willing to take care of business.

6. They see the bright side of every situation.

Falling in love with a teacher means being around positivity 24/7. No matter how awful of a day a teacher is having, they are able to stand in front of the class and smile like nothing’s wrong. They can put disagreements behind them, they can forgive and forget, and they can begin each morning with a new, refreshed, and uplifting perspective—thus, falling in love with them means continual good energy. 😀😀😀

7. They are extremely hard-working.

Falling in love with a teacher means falling in love with a go-getter, someone who works hard and doesn’t slow down. They love what they do and keep themselves continually motivated to be the best they can be for their students, always searching for new teaching ideas or ways to present information. This is a valuable and wonderful quality, not only professionally, but in a romantic relationship too, as they will never stop loving or sharing parts of their lives with their special someone.

8. They know how to relax.

After a long day or long week, nothing sounds better to a teacher than a glass of wine and feet up on the couch. Teachers know how to work hard, but they also know how to kick back and relax. They are great people to be around at night, on the weekends, or in the summers because they totally indulge in their free time. (And yes, it’s true, teachers know how to have fun!)

9. They are passionate.

Being a teacher is no easy job, but anyone in the education world absolutely loves their job and their students. This is incredibly valuable because in a world of ho-hum 9 to 5’ers just crawling through their days, being around someone who loves their job and loves life is refreshing, encouraging, motivating, and downright loveable.

10. They know how to love.

Teachers care so deeply about their students, their classrooms, their schools, their students’ parents, their staff/fellow teachers—the list goes on. Their job isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. And they love the people they get to interact with on a daily basis. Because it’s so evident how much they care for the people around them, this translates to their romantic relationships. Teachers are loving, they are giving, they are filled with energy and passion, and they know how to appreciate, recognize, and celebrate the people around them.

Hands down, teachers are the best people to fall in love with because they know how to love and are filled with love every single day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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