I Hope We Kiss More And Think Less

Tim Marshall

In this life, I hope we stop second guessing. When we see someone we have feelings for, we find the words—the imperfect, honest words—and let them spill out of our mouths. When we feel at home in someone’s arms, we share that with them, vulnerability so raw it hurts.

I hope we stop questioning whether or not we should do what our hearts are calling us to do, and we do it. That we stop thinking about regrets or ‘what ifs.’ That we quit imagining all the ways a situation could go terribly wrong or what could potentially happen if the other person doesn’t feel the same, and we decide to just act.

I hope we stop counting our losses in love. That we quit calculating whether our next movement will be a gain and we just step forward, knowing the worst thing that could happen is our feelings aren’t reciprocated. And if that happens, then we then we take back our pride and walk away, but begin again with someone new after time.

I hope we kiss more and think less.

Everything in this life is temporary—even our existence. Nothing lasts forever, but the beauty of this is that love fights back. Love stands the test of time. Love challenges everything impermanent and proves, again and again, that real emotion doesn’t come with an expiration date.

And so I hope we love.

I hope we stop using our past relationships as excuses to not try again. I hope we stop remembering the ways we’ve been hurt before, and focus on what and who’s in front of us right now. I hope we follow our head and our emotions; I hope we don’t walk away from people who make our bodies feel alive.

I hope we quit over-thinking, questioning, wondering, doubting, and instead reach for the people we love and kiss them.

I hope we kiss passionately, pressing every bit of emotion into their lips, forgetting time and place and fear and uncertainty.

Because in a temporary life, our feelings are what save us. Our love is what binds us. Our affection is what makes this world feel a little less big.

And when we kiss without thinking, without doubting, without questioning—we realize we’ve been living in fear, and that’s no way to live. When we kiss without hesitation—we realize the only thing holding us back from finding something real is ourselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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