Find Someone Who Puts Magic In Your Bones


We spend so much time on this earth wandering, searching. We’re looking for the right person, for a career that will fill us, for answers to the questions floating around in our heads. We’re wondering about our futures; we’re overthinking our pasts. We’re lost and trying so desperately to be found—in our own skin, in the arms of lovers, in the crazy mess of this life.

But sometimes it’s not about finding someone who will complete you, who will be everything you’ve wanted and dreamed of, who will fix all the problems or solve all the puzzles in your mind.

Sometimes it’s about finding someone who, in this chaos, in this wandering, in this constant search for understanding, stirs a little something in your soul.

It’s about finding someone who rocks your very foundation, someone who changes everything you thought you knew about life and love, someone whose very being makes you feel something so wonderful and crazy, you can’t quite put it into words.

It’s not about feeling whole or solved, not about answering questions or falling into something perfect. It’s about love, real love—wild, passionate, all-consuming love.

So don’t settle for ordinary people, for lovers who ho-hum through their time with you, who don’t spark conversation or peak your interest. Don’t waste time with those who don’t know how to make you laugh or cry, who don’t value their time with you, who don’t make you feel alive.

Find someone who puts passion into your soul. Whose every word is captivating, and who hangs on every syllable that falls from your lips.

Find someone who is fascinated with you, not merely physically, but wants to unfold every layer of your mind. Someone who wants to discover what you hide behind your smile, or what you think about when it’s late and you have only the stars to keep you company.

Find someone whose passion and drive set fire to yours, who is willing to chase dreams alongside you, who inspires you with their every breath.

Find someone who makes you believe in yourself—who you are and are continually becoming—and in the world and all its potential. Find someone who sees the skin you’re in as beautiful, but values your heart even more.

Find someone who brings brightness to your life, strength to your muscles, excitement to your heart, and magic to your bones.

Because when you think about forever, you want someone who lights a fire within you. You want someone who challenges you. You want someone who makes you question and wonder and laugh and cry and believe and think. You want someone who doesn’t just exist with you, but lives with you, taking in every moment as if time is running out.

You want someone who makes your cells dance with excitement, your skin warm with a simple touch. You want someone whose presence does something chemical, something spiritual, something unexplainable to your body and soul.

You want someone who loves you, really loves you.
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Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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