This Is For The Girl With The Bleeding Heart

Flo Karr
Flo Karr

You are the girl that gives. The girl that has always seen relationships differently—as promises, rather than satisfying and temporary. When it comes to love, you’ve never been afraid to hand people your heart and happiness. You’ve never been nervous to give what you have, to be free and open and tender.

You are the girl that kisses with passion. It could be an ordinary day, an ordinary moment, but every kiss means something to you. Every touch is significant. Every moment you share with someone else matters, and will still matter, even if they’re gone.

You’re the girl that forgives. You’ve never had a hard time finding a way to let pain go. You’ve let the same people into your life, time and time again, and believed in their goodness. You’ve given chances, maybe too many, and have hurt yourself in the process of loving someone else. But you don’t regret that, not one minute.

You have a big heart, a beautiful heart, a bleeding heart. One that keeps opening and widening and re-stitching itself after brokenness.

Some people look down on you. They think you are weak, dependent, too quick to trust and let men in. They see bleeding hearts as fragility—you are not strong enough to guard yourself, or to keep yourself from pain. They say that you forgive and love stupidly, naively, only allowing yourself to be broken. They say you are a martyr, that you are only putting yourself in a place where you know you can be hurt.

But you can’t always help it.

You are the girl with a heart filled to the brim. You don’t mean to put yourself in negative situations. You don’t intend to fall for the wrong people. You don’t try to love the men that will never love you back. And you don’t go out looking for hurt.

You are the girl who believes in second chances. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been wronged or betrayed. It doesn’t matter if the last man you loved left you behind. It doesn’t matter if people aren’t true to your word. You are willing to forgive because you know people are imperfect. And you are more than willing to give someone a chance because you know that a new person is not guaranteed to treat you the way the old one did.

You are the girl that has never made rules with love. You love, simply because you never saw a reason not to. You don’t hold back, simply because you don’t believe in half-love. You allow people in, simply because you trust in human goodness. You never see negatives in people, simply because your mind has never viewed the world that way. And you forgive, simply because life is too short not to heal and open your heart again.

You are the girl with the bleeding heart—the one who will always be there for the ones she loves, the one who will support both her enemies and friends, the one who gives so much that she sometimes ends up empty. The one who must learn to protect her heart, be smarter, and not let her spirit be destroyed. The one who should never be ashamed of how big and strong that muscle is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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