Feel Everything, And Feel It Deeply

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

Go outside and drink in the sunshine. Let the rays soak into your pores, let the light warm you, let your heart feel alive. Jump in puddles. Sing in the shower. Open the windows. Go barefoot.

Place your head against the chest of the one you love. Feel their heartbeat, wild and steady against your cheek. Listen to the way their body moves, hums. Close your eyes and fall into the rhythm. Let yourself be loved.


Feel the grass slide through your fingertips, the hot sand on your bare feet, the mud squishing between your toes. Dive into pools. Jump into ponds. Climb tree branches and let the bark rough up your soles. Swing from ropes. Run down highways. Drive with the windows down and let the dust fly up around you like a cloud.

Open your mouth so you taste the earth—the salt, the dirt, the rain. Pet animals. Kiss children. Let your hair down and spin in circles, watching the strands catch the glow of the sun and shine.

Grab ahold of the ones you love and feel their palms in yours—their callouses, their softness, their wrinkles and lines. Squeeze their hands. Intertwine your fingertips. Tell stories of the places you’ve been and the dreams you’ve been wishing for in the back of your mind.

Lay on a blanket and watch the stars blink across the night sky. Admire the city lights from the top of a mountain. Make animals out of cloud shapes. Hold your breath as you drive through an underpass. Sing at the top of your lungs.

I want you to feel, feel deeply. I want you love, and love with every ounce of your being. I want you to laugh, and let that happiness bubble up from your middle through your entire body. I want you to live, and let the world touch you, heal you, change you, inspire you.

I want you to feel. I want you to care about people. I want you to kiss the ones you love and not regret it for a minute. I want you to chase what you feel passionate about. I want you to run wildly in whichever direction you choose.

I want you to stop overanalyzing, stop wondering, stop questioning, stop second-guessing and just do, feel, be.

Close your eyes and let the wind brush the hair around your face. Lean into a kiss and embrace it with every cell in your body. Tell a joke and laugh like a fool. Go to museums and monuments. Read books. Eat strange foods. Travel to new places. Wander down unexplored streets. Give plenty of hugs.

Feel. And feel deeply.

Do not be ashamed of a heart that beats for the people you care about. Do not feel guilty for tears that fall freely from your eyes. Do not apologize for being in awe of the world and for soaking it in, every single day.

Feel the good, the bad, the heart-aching, the soothing. Feel loss. Feel death. Feel success. Feel bliss. Feel each of these things. Hold each of these emotions close to you, process them, embrace them, let them go, and experience them again.

Laugh. Kiss. Drink. Smile. Ask questions. Seek answers. Explore. Fail. Learn. Grow. Love. Feel.

And now, live. TC mark

Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

Life Getting Stale? This Book Will Inspire A “New You”

You leave
because you have to,
because leaving is necessary,
because your survival
depends on letting your soul shift
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Become the person who is open and soft, not harsh and hidden. And watch how the world opens to you in return.

“This poetry collection gave out a lot of realizations. I just have to be brave. I need to have strong heart, and a wise mind. And just because things are a mess right now, doesn’t mean they will stay that way until the end.” — Muggleboooks

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