One Day It’ll All Make Sense

Martino Pietropoli
Martino Pietropoli

One day it’ll all make sense.

The pain you went through as a child, the bullying, the shattered friendships, the people that promised they’d stay but ran as far as they could—one day you’ll look back on all that and you’ll understand. You’ll understand that pain is a natural part of life. That what you go through only makes you stronger. That people are imperfect.

And maybe one day you’ll find it in your heart to forgive, to let go.

One day it’ll all make sense.

The nagging in the deepest part of your soul, telling you to pursue something you hardly believe is possible, saying that there’s something you should be doing, and as crazy as it seems, you shouldn’t give up on it—one day you’ll lean back in your chair, take in the life you’ve made for yourself scattered all around you, and realize that you were always called to do greater things. To pursue your dreams. To chase your passions. To be persistent about what you love.

And maybe one day you’ll love the life you live, and will celebrate it.

One day it’ll all make sense.

The broken heart, the betrayal, the person you thought would stay in your life forever walking away when you needed him/her the most—one day you’ll no longer balk at the mention of their name, the sting in your heart won’t be so present, the ache in your chest will be replaced by a new person, new love, new happiness.

And maybe one day they’ll only live in your heart as a faint memory.

One day it’ll all make sense.

The jobs you didn’t get, the times you failed, the roads you went down, only to find they were dead ends—one day you’ll understand that life is not a straight path. That you don’t, and won’t have all the answers and this is okay. That life is about navigating the unnavigable, and each step forward is important. That each wrong turn only deepens your beautiful story.

And maybe one day you’ll see how far you’ve come, and be proud.

One day it’ll all make sense.

The prayers that weren’t answered, the nights you searched the stars for healing but came up empty, the mornings you cried in the shower, barely able to face another day—one day your heart won’t be so heavy. You’ll find hope and happiness in the little things. You’ll see that pain brings progress, and that you must push through in order to reach the other side.

And maybe one day you’ll realize how strong you are, and you’ll stand with confidence.

One day it’ll all make sense.

Everything you’ve gone through, all the obstacles, the fear, the heartbreak, the bitterness, the worry—one day you’ll know that each step, each roadblock, each change, each memory has made you who you are. Has strengthened you. Has taught you powerful lessons. Has given you a life worth smiling about.

And maybe one day you’ll see that life is truly beautiful, and so are you. TC mark


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  • Michel H

    Sometimes it does not ever makes sense – not 50 years later. Sometimes, it just “is”. It is just background music to the rest of your life. It becomes a footnote in the story that is your life. Sometimes it is the motivation to make your life better – and makes you a more thoughtful, caring and engaging person because you never want to cause the same pain and damage that you experienced. Sometimes – it just “is”.

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