My Feelings For You Are Real, And I Hope That’s Enough

Ethan Robertson
Ethan Robertson

Isn’t it crazy that just weeks, just months ago, we were strangers?

I didn’t know you. I didn’t know the way your eyebrows furrowed when you were thinking deeply, didn’t know that stupid laugh that seemed to burst from your lips, didn’t know the way you’d smile at me with those twinkling grey eyes.

I didn’t know you, and now I want to.

Now I want to fill my days with you, want to be around you whenever possible—not too much, but just enough to start to know you. To start to feel comfortable in your presence. To feel like maybe we could be something, because with all my heart I believe we could.

We used to be strangers, and now I can’t get the thought of you out of my head.

When I know I’ll see you later at night, my stomach feels giddy. When you text me, even simply a ‘Hello,’ I start to wonder where you are and what you’re doing. I wonder if you’re busy and I suddenly crossed your mind. I wonder if your day is dragging along and you couldn’t help but want to talk to me. I wonder if there’s ever a tiny piece of you that feels the way I do.

We used to be strangers, but I know that what I’m feeling is real.

It happened suddenly, as beautiful things often do. We started to find our rhythm. Laughter exchanged over late nights. Dinners with friends that seemed to become something more. I found myself wanting to peel back your layers and ask you about all you keep hidden.

And now I want to know you like no one does.

You’ve been a mystery, and I want to discover all the clues. You’ve been a puzzle, and I want to solve you. I want to sit next to you on the couch and just talk. Not even touch, except for maybe the innocent brush of our fingertips, but hear all the thoughts that cross your mind. I want to figure out who you are and what you love, and maybe, just maybe, see if you could ever love me.

We used to be strangers, but now I want your heart.

I know it might be too early. I know that there’s still worlds to discover and so much lost time to trace back over. I know that perhaps it’s too soon to know if we could be anything.

But I want you to know that my feelings are real.
And maybe, just maybe, that could be enough.
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Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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