21 Mistakes To Make In Your Twenties (That Will Actually Change Your Life For The Better)

Seth Doyle
Seth Doyle

1. Spend way too much money on a lavish dinner date. And learn the value of treating yourself.

2. Buy spontaneous concert tickets for a band/artist/dj you’ve never heard of. And realize how fun it is to live life unplanned sometimes.

3. Date a girl/guy that’s completely wrong for you. And learn what you deserve.

4. Treat yourself to an overpriced item/event/spa treatment. And acknowledge that you look good, and it’s perfectly acceptable to spoil yourself.

5. Live in an expensive place just for the experience. And discover that sometimes being in a place you love is more important than having dollars in the bank.

6. Live in a terrible, but cheap place just to save cash. And find that money isn’t everything.

7. Get way too drunk and wakeup with a killer hangover. And realize that sometimes you need to let loose, but it’s important to know your limits.

8. Tell that ex you miss him/her. And know that it’s good to never leave things unsaid.

9. Say too much. And realize that some things are better left unspoken.

10. Cry over a breakup. And remind yourself that people leave our lives for a reason.

11. Listen to your parents. And learn that no one knows you and what you need better than yourself.

12. Don’t listen to advice. And discover that people sometimes do know what they’re talking about, and are worth listening to.

13. Fall shamelessly in love. And know that no matter the outcome, love is never something to regret.

14. Tell the wrong person that you care for them. And understand that sometimes you feel things deeply, and that’s okay.

15. Live with a terrible roommate. And learn what you value, what you need, and whether or not it’s time to live on your own.

16. Lose your faith. And discover it again, in the same or in new ways.

17. Drift from friends. And learn that you are changing, others are changing, and change is a part of life.

18. Forget who you are. And find new ways to grow, blossom, and shift.

19. Fight with the people you love. And see who is truly there for you, and how much you really need them by your side.

20. Abandon someone who needs you. And forgive yourself, then realize the person you want to become and become him/her.

21. Give your heart away with no guarantee of a return. And know that life is too short to live anything but wholly, completely, and all in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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