6 Questions To Ask Yourself When You’re Wondering Whether You Should Give Him A Chance

Andreas Ronnington
Andreas Ronnington

1. Does he make you smile?

Sometimes it really is that simple. When you think about him, when you see him, when he turns his face to yours and grins, does that make you smile instantly, effortlessly? When you’ve had a long day and it ends with plans to see him, do you feel the corners of your mouth turn up unconsciously? Does it make you happy, just knowing that he’s a part of your life?

2. Does he treat you well?

You know a gentleman when you see one. And you know a gentleman even better when you encounter him, and he treats you with love and kindness. A good guy will open doors for you, will consider your feelings, will always ask if you’re feeling okay, if you’re happy, if there’s anything he can do. Especially in the early stages of dating, he will do anything in his power to make you feel comfortable and to show that he’s worthy of your attention. An immature boy will try to seduce you, try to coerce you into doing something you might not be ready for, or play games with you, not texting you back right away, feigning disinterest, etc. A real man, the man you should definitely give a chance, is the one who treats you with respect, right from day one.

3. Does he listen to you?

This is little, yet huge. When you speak, does this guy look into your eyes and actually pay attention? Or is he looking around, looking at other women, looking at his phone? The guy that’s worth your time is the one that shows you you’re worth his. He’s the one focusing on you, remembering what you say, getting invested, early on, in the tiny details of your life. A man that listens is a man that cares, remember that.

4. Does he make you laugh?

You should always give a chance to the man that makes you laugh. This man knows that your best self is your happy self, and will do what he can to get you to throw back your head and let it out. He’s the man that takes time to discover your sense of humor, then builds jokes around that. He wants you to enjoy yourself, and if you’re laughing and enjoying yourself, then why wouldn’t you want to keep doing that with this guy by your side?

5. Does he make you feel like yourself?

Can you be fresh from a workout, hair in a sloppy ponytail, body slicked with sweat and still feel special to him? Can you roll out of bed, still in your baggy t-shirt and slippers and be comfortable answering the door to him? Can you belly-laugh at all the things that make you laugh or be silly and dance around your living room when he’s around? Does he make you feel completely comfortable in your own skin, like you don’t have to change a damn thing? Then he’s definitely a guy that’s worth your time.

6. Does he make you feel things you’ve never felt?

This one might be hard to admit at first. You fight it, because it’s scary. Because you’re not quite sure about letting him get too close. But you know you’re lying to yourself. Because he makes you feel dizzy when he touches you, or makes your heart skip when you see a text from him on your phone. You find yourself wanting to spend time with him, to get to know him, to get closer to each other. Closer than anyone else has. He makes you feel strange, feel wonderful, feel different. And you, my darling, need to stop worrying and go for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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