26 Signs You’re What’s Known As A ‘Constant Reader’


1. You were that kid who always had a book in his/her hands.

2. When you had free time in school, you were probably in some corner reading.

3. You read everything from street signs to random internet articles to the latest news to chapter books on the bedroom shelf of the kid you’re babysitting. No shame.

4. You almost always have a book with you. Because there might be a reading opportunity while waiting in line somewhere, duh!

5. You were legitimately excited when you discovered library cards were free.

6. Even if it’s well past your bedtime, you’ll probably stay up just to finish the chapter you’re on.

7. If you aren’t answering your texts or calls, it’s probably because you’re in bed with a good book.

8. You’re one of those people that can’t resist opening a magazine while in the checkout line at the grocery store.

9. You can read through an entire book in like, a matter of hours.

10. You have a list of ‘Books to Read’ that you’re always adding to. And this list is probably in print and on your phone, you know, so you can take it on the go.

11. You’re the go-to friend for book recommendations.

12. You’d rather read the book than see the movie. Hands down.

13. It makes you physically angry when movie plots don’t perfectly match up with the novel storylines.

14. Your ideal date would probably be going to a coffee shop or library and talking about interesting things you’ve read recently.

15. You totally identify with characters in the stories you read.

16. Sometimes you have dreams about the book you’re reading.

17. You’re always scoping online sources for good book recommendations.

18. On weekends, a solid amount of your time is spent reading. And you have no shame about this.

19. You’d much rather read a good book than go to the bar.

20. You have a Kindle or some other device to read on the go.

21. You get super excited when you order, or are gifted a new book.

22.You could talk about books for hours.

23. You know all the different genres of books and could explain the nuances of each without blinking an eye.

24. You snatch the latest series before it gets too big to make sure you read it first.

25. You have something related to reading that’s super nerdy, aka an ‘I love books’ t-shirt or neon green reading glasses. Something of the sort.

26. Your friends and fam call you a ‘Bookworm’ and this is an identity you wear with pride. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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