21 People Share The Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Done For A Crush



“I drove 6.5 hours the day of finals to deliver her a poem I had written for an anniversary gift…just to turn back around and drive another 6.5.”

— Justin, 23


“I bought backstage meet and greet tickets to his favorite hip-hop artist. And don’t even like hip-hop.”

— Kelly Ann, 25


“I cheered for the Packers. Let me establish the significance of this. I am a die-hard Bears fan. And I cheered for the Packers.”

— Jaymie, 27


“I briefly took up running. I don’t know what the hell that was all about.”

— Jan, 48


“I rented a limo and planned a birthday party for him and all our close friends at a dance club in the city. I bought booze, paid for a ticket into the club, and best part? Made it all a surprise.”

— Clarissa, 23


“It was when I asked her to Homecoming. I borrowed my dad’s sports car and parked it in the middle of her street. I put candles from her front door all the way to my car, then blasted her favorite song. It was like 10pm on a Sunday night and the neighbors were pissed. But she loved it.”

— Danny, 35


“I took her on a surprise weekend vacation to California. All expenses paid and she had no idea.”

— Brian, 31


“I dealt with an ex-wife daily. And still do.”

— Rebecca, 52


“I walked an hour and a half to get to their house when my car wasn’t working.”

— Steven, 19


“I drove three hours at 2AM to pick him up passed out on a park bench in the middle of downtown. 😂”

— Sami, 24


“I moved halfway across the country.. Oh the life decisions lol.”

— Kameron, 26


“I skipped my favorite concert to go to an ISU game. The day after dropping $6000 on a car for him 😅. It was a Huey Mack concert though. That’s some real love right there.”

— Talia, 22


“I mowed his initials in my parents back yard the week of a heat wave and fried them in the grass until winter.”

— Jen, 49


“I switched cell phone service providers. And had the worst luck with my cell phone. Ever.

— Morgan, 33


“I drove to go see him in a terrible blizzard. He was stranded 30 miles away from me. Took me almost three hours to get there and back. Made it safely though.”

— Becky, 22


“I spent $500 on a diamond necklace after dating her for only a few months. I don’t know, I fell pretty hard I guess.”

— Chad, 23


“I cut my hair, like, really short because he said it would look cute. I f*cking hated it.”

— Amber Mae, 27


“I got a house with him…after dating him for three months. Yes, I know, it was kind of crazy, and no, it didn’t exactly work out. But we’re still friends, and looking back, I honestly don’t regret it.”

— Lara, 24


“I bought her a dress and bracelet, picked her up in a limo, and took her to one of the highest buildings in the city for dinner and drinks. I probably spent over $900 on just that one date, but it was worth every penny. She’s now my wife.”

— Josh, 29


“I flew from Washington to Rhode Island 2 times a month for almost two years just to see her. Our jobs kept us apart, but we stayed together. Next month will be our three year anniversary.”

— Cal, 30


“Craziest thing I’ve ever done? I married him and had his one and only son.”

— Liz, 40 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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