Remember, Strength Comes From Within (And You’re Stronger Than You Think)

Audrey Reid
Audrey Reid

Here’s the thing about us humans, we underestimate ourselves the most. When we have something unknown or frightening looming in the distance, we shrink back in fear. We don’t think that we can conquer it; we lack the faith that we will overcome it in one piece. We’re so convinced that the things we will face in the future are too big for us, or that when the time comes we won’t know how to stand on our own two feet.

But the thing is, when push comes to shove, we’re stronger than we think.

As a normal, average human, you’ve probably faced things in your life already—big or small—that have made an impact on you. Things you struggled through, things that left you broken or defeated or feeling lost. But when you look back on those moments now, what do you see? Sure, you see how hard it was. Sure, you see the times you doubted if you would survive.

But you see that you made it through. You see that you found the strength within yourself to get through what life brought your way.

You see that even at your lowest points, you were more powerful than you ever imagined. And you pushed through.

See, that’s the thing we so often forget—our own strength. We see the world as big and unknown. We see the future as unpaved and scary. And for some strange reason, we see ourselves as small in comparison.

When we think about the things we will have to face—change, loss, pain, death, illness, failure, distrust, heartbreak—we think that our hearts are too fragile, that are minds are too soft, that our bodies are too weak to get us through. And we doubt our own strength.

But we’re strong, each of us. So incredibly strong.

Strong enough to face our demons, our addictions, our abusive partners. We are strong enough to fight against illness, against divorce, against people and situations that hurt more than they help us. We are strong enough to face our battles, and face them alone.

We are strong enough to be broken, and learn how to heal. Strong enough to pick up our broken pieces and face another day.

When it comes to something hard, something heartbreaking, something so absolutely terrifying and painful, don’t fall victim to your own fear. Know that your mind is your best weapon and your heart is your strongest muscle. Know that you will overcome because you can.

Know that you are absolutely and always strong, and that strength is inherent within you.

You are a fighter, a warrior, so stand tall. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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