20 Beautiful, Heartbreakingly Honest Reminders For Anyone Preparing To Leave Home

Joe St. Pierre
Joe St. Pierre


A home is a home is a home. Yes, this is the home you have always known, but you will find homes wherever you wander.


Once you walk out of the front doors of the house you grew up in, you will never be the same person. And although that’s a terrifying thought, it is freeing, liberating, and true. You will grow, you will change, and you will evolve into the person you were meant to be.


Leaving home does not mean that you are leaving the people or the memories. Those, you will always carry with you.


You are not defined by the four walls you were raised in.


This is the time in your life where leaving is natural, where leaving is synonymous with growth. And you cannot be afraid to grow.


Goodbyes will be hard, but goodbyes are not permanent.


Maybe this is one of the most painful moments in your life thus far, but this is a moment that will define who you will become.


Your future lies outside of these walls.


Leaving a home doesn’t mean that it’s gone. Though it won’t be the same, and it won’t be considered ‘home’ any longer, a home is not defined by walls and brick and front doors. A home is people, memories, laughter.


Think of this—you are opening yourself to a new life. Everything outside of this house is an uncharted world, ready and waiting for you to navigate it.


Your heart carries all the home you will ever need right inside your chest.


Leaving home doesn’t mean that you are leaving who you were behind. Yes, you will grow and change never be completely the same, but it doesn’t mean that everything about who you were will cease to exist. You will always be that person deep down.


Embrace the fear you are feeling right now. Let your desire to explore be greater than any fear.


You will have second thoughts; this is normal. But you can’t let your anxieties cloud what you truly want, and need, to do in your life right now.


Family and friends will always be home.


This place you are leaving is what has built you, but you will find other places that will build you, strengthen you, and mend pieces that you didn’t even realize were broken.


You are not leaving forever. You are not closing the door on your past life and padlocking it. No matter what, you can always return. And even though it won’t be the same place, you will still find comfort in rediscovering who you used to be.


Leaving home doesn’t mean leaving the ones you love forever.


This is not the end; this is a new beginning.


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