12 Men Reveal Exactly Why They’d Rather Date An Introvert Or An Extrovert

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius


“I’m an introvert so I’d rather be with someone who’s the opposite. She can be the life of the party and all that, and it’ll bring me out of my shell. We can balance each other out.”

— Chris, 29


“I’d rather date an extrovert because I know she’ll be able to talk and be comfortable with the people in my life. If she’s introverted, she’ll be too shy and awkward and I can’t handle that in a relationship.”

— Max, 26


“Introvert. Totally. I consider myself an introvert and it’s really intimidating for me to date someone who is comfortable talking to so many people and having a ton of friends. It’s great for them, but for me, I love having a small circle of friends and not being forced to go out with them when they are making conversation with everyone around us. It’s just exhausting for me to be around that.”

— Danny, 22


“I feel like my own extroversion needs a fellow extrovert in dating. I love being around groups of people, going out and doing things, and it’s difficult when you’re so outgoing and your partner is not.

There are plenty of nights I’d love nothing more than to cuddle on the couch, throw on some Netflix and just kick it with the person I’m with, but I’m also down for karaoke, indoor skydiving, going to bars, joining volleyball leagues, and other interactive events. I’d love join a league with my girlfriend, or sing a karaoke duet, or go out dancing, but I feel like dating an introvert would make those things a lot more difficult.”

— Mike, 27


“Honestly I want a girl who’s a mix of both. You have to be comfortable going out and stuff but you don’t have to be crazy outgoing. Somewhere in the middle is perfect.”

— Billy, 20


“I think that the ideal relationship is with someone who’s exactly like you. If you love Friday nights at the bar and you’re with a chick who prefers staying in, it’s never going to work. Same thing with the opposite. You need someone who understands what you like and doesn’t push you to be someone you’re not. It’s that simple, in my opinion.

— Jack, 31


“I want an extrovert. Period. Those types of chicks are more fun.”

— AJ, 22


“This is a hard question. There’s something to be said for being with a girl that’s similar to you. But you can’t be exactly the same because your relationship will be f*cking boring. I think you have to find someone who likes what you likes and is outgoing or shy as you, but can also be willing to more introverted or less extroverted or whatever is the opposite.”

— Tony, 19


“I’ve been in a serious relationship with both types and I honestly prefer an introvert. That type of girlfriend isn’t trying to get attention from every single dude she comes across. She’s the girl that is by your side. Yeah, she’s quiet, but you know that she’s loyal and not trying to be out in front of everyone all the time.”

— Danny, 22


“Well, it’s all personal and how you personally are in a relationship. For me, I’ve always thrived off being with someone as outgoing as me. I want someone who can be energetic and happy, someone who can keep a conversation going with other people besides me, like family or friends she doesn’t know. Introverts are special in their own way, but an extrovert, I think, is definitely better.”

— James, 25


“Both. That’s the ultimate girlfriend.”

— Kevin, 24


“I’m super introverted. Sometimes I hate it, but that’s how I am. I thought I wanted to be with an introvert, but after breaking up with an extrovert I realize that’s the type of woman I need to be with. Someone that’s going to get me out of my comfort zone and get my ass off the couch. Someone who’s going to make me a better man.”

— Bill, 35 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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