10 Reasons You Should Definitely Fall Head Over Heels For A Sassy Girl

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Kaci Baum

1. She’s headstrong.

A sassy girl knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get after it. She will voice her opinions, she’ll speak what’s on her mind, and she’ll be very determined when pursuing her goals and pursuing you. Not only will she push you, but she’ll push through whatever’s thrown her way, and having that type of person by your side is invaluable.

2. She’s playful.

She’s good in an argument, she’ll keep you on your toes, and more than likely, she’s good at sarcasm. A sassy girl has no problem teasing you, bugging you, or letting you know that you’re driving her crazy. The playfulness of her personality mixed with yours will give you a relationship that’s filled with spark and fun.

3. She won’t let people mess with either of you.

She’s sassy towards you, but don’t worry, that sass carries over to the rest of the world. If either of you aren’t being treated right, she won’t stand for it. She’ll go to battle for you just because she loves you and won’t stand to see you treated any less than you deserve.

4. She actually has a personality.

A sassy girl isn’t dull or stiff. She’s dynamic. She has feelings, opinions perspectives and she isn’t afraid to share them with the world. She isn’t the type of girl to sit back and let you do all the talking. Sure, sometimes she can be a little too much, but too much is better than the girlfriend who just stands next to you, dull and boring. A sassy girl has a personality and isn’t afraid to be herself.

5. She’ll definitely keep things interesting.

This type of girlfriend is like a firework—beautiful, loud, and bright. You never know what she’ll be sassy about, or when, but her big personality will definitely make for arguments (which inevitably make the two of you stronger), for laughter, and for amazing memories.

6. She will make you a better man.

She will challenge your perspectives, especially when they don’t align with hers. She will argue with you, and make you see things in different ways. She will teach you the power of balancing two personalities to make a relationship work. And she will let you know when you’re not treating her right, not taking things seriously, or not putting forth your best effort. She’ll make you a better man just by her sass and letting you know how things really are, rather than skirting around the truth.

7. She gets sh*t done.

A sassy girlfriend is a productive girlfriend. Rest assured that this little lady won’t be mooching off of you, or sitting around lazy and couch-potatoey in your apartment. A sassy girl is a go-getter. She is always moving, always improving, and always using her sassy energy to accomplish what she needs to.

8. She can handle emotional moments decently well.

Even though she has some sass around the edges, this girl still feels. Sass is her best defense mechanism for when things go wrong, which can be very effective dealing with snobby coworkers, rude friends, or even pushy family members. Just know that no matter who you encounter, your sassy girlfriend will be able to handle them in a way that’s kind, yet direct. She won’t crumble to pieces. Sure, she might get upset, but she’s still able to stand tall (and never lose her sass, of course).

9. She’s respected by men and women alike.

Because she’s sassy, people respect her. They know she means business and that she’s true to her word. Her sass makes women see her as a powerful and empowered. And men see her as headstrong, loyal and direct. She’ll be respected for the way she carries herself, for how she treats you, and for how she lives life confidently. Having a girlfriend with that kind of reputation is a good thing.

10. She’s not like any other girl.

A sassy girl is one of a kind. Her personality and being is complex. She handles situations differently, and she treats you with a perfect mix of sauciness and gentleness. She’s going to push against you, but she will always, always push against the world for you. She’ll love you with her entire bold and sparky self and loving her will truly make for a one-of-a-kind relationship that you’ll never want to lose. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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