10 Reasons Why Your Sister Is, And Always Will Be, Your Real Soulmate


1. She’ll give it to you straight.

There’s nothing like a sister’s brutal honesty. If you’ve been complaining about how so-and-so hasn’t called you back in three days and you’re starting to sound like a whiny b*tch, or you’ve decided to go 48 hours without washing your hair and you’re beginning to develop an odor—your sister is going to be the one to tell you. She’s around you a good majority of the time, or even if she’s not, she knows you better than anyone else, AKA she has no fear when it comes to letting you know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yeah sure, she’ll soften the blow, but she won’t sugarcoat it.

2. She actually does have your best interests in mind.

Your sister has your back. Whether she’s younger or older, she’s going to be looking out for you and making sure you’re treated right. She’s not in it for popularity or personal gain (well, besides stealing your clothes and shoes) and she has no secret agenda. She loves you (well, because she has to 😛) and because you’re family. And that won’t ever change.

3. She’s the ultimate partner in crime.

Since you were little, chucking water balloons over the fence at the neighbor kids, she’s been your right-hand woman, your go-to, and your buddy. She’s always down for adventure, and with the two of you, that’s never hard to find. She’ll be there for the grown up stuff, the responsible stuff, the everyday stuff, and all that’s in-between, but you better believe she’s there when it’s time to creep on the new guy, head to the gym, have a night on the town, or you know, other sisterly shenanigans.

4. She gets what it’s like to be in your family.

Family drama is tough, but the hardest thing is trying to vent about it to someone who a) doesn’t care, or b) doesn’t get it. Your sister gets it. She lives it. She’s been by your side through the ups, downs, and somewhere-in-the-middles. She’ll never get sick of your sassiness (and she’ll definitely join a time or two) but at the end of the day she knows that family is forever, and as much as you want to smack them, you still love them.

5. She’s literally you in another human.

You share DNA, makeup, clothes, friends, passions (everything but guys, hopefully!) But really, you’re basically the same person, which means you have your own sisterly wavelengths. When it comes to drama, to tears, to fears, to fun times—pretty much anything—you can understand and relate to each other. Yep, #soulmates.

6. She knows how to bring a smile on your face, whenever and wherever.

How many times has your sister made you burst out laughing in the middle of church or during a heated debate between your mom and dad? Yeah, millions. She’s a pro at getting you to loosen up, to let go, and to laugh. No matter what you’re feeling or going through, she has a way of making you smile. And that’s so so important.

7. You get excited about the same things.

Like your mom’s homemade pasta. Like 2 for $4 tacos. Like Fetty Wap songs. Like American Horror Story binges. No, you don’t love all the same things and you totally fight when it comes to who gets the remote first, but in general, you either share or support each other’s interests.

8. You always have an amazing time together.

Arguments aside, the two of you can always have fun, whether it’s dancing your butts off at a family wedding or just cuddling and talking about life. She gets you like no boyfriend ever will. And that, you’ll forever be thankful for.

9. She’s good at listening.

Since you were little, you were taught to give each other turns to talk. You’ve grown up learning how to gossip, then listen. How to vent, then sit quietly. How to b*tch, then ask for advice. Your sister cares about you, so she listens. I mean really listens. Her life is intertwined with your life, so she’s deeply invested in you, your future, and your happiness. Even if what you’re telling her has nothing to do with her.

10. She loves you better than any man ever will.

She knows the little things that set you off, the emotional parts of your personality that you try to hide, your biggest fears and passions, and all the silly stuff in-between. She loves you in spite of the way you always raise your voice when you’re arguing or never put the cap on the toothpaste, for stealing her favorite necklace and wearing it to Prom, or just plain driving her crazy. She loves you fully, completely, and more deeply than any guy ever will and she’ll always put you first.

That’s the definition of true love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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