13 Perfect Reasons To Date The Low-Maintenance Girl

Gabriela Pinto
Gabriela Pinto

1. She won’t take forever to get ready.

In fact, she can easily throw on her comfy-cute clothes and be prepared to meet you somewhere, grab a bite to eat, or just go out, no matter what time of day or night it is. Sure, she enjoys getting dolled up for dates with you, but she’s not the type to take hours to primp herself.

2. She doesn’t need fancy restaurants or expensive steak dinners to be happy.

Sure, she’ll love being spoiled once in a while (everyone does!) but a low-maintenance girl doesn’t have to be constantly pampered. She will appreciate every little thing you do for her. To her, love doesn’t come with a price tag.

3. She’ll get along with all your guyfriends.

A low-maintenance girlfriend won’t be prissy, standing on the sidelines while you and the guys throw around a football. She’ll be the girl who’ll jump in and play catch, or pig out on wings and chips. She has a girly side, but not a bitchy side. And who she is doesn’t change when she’s with your friends. Sure, she loves doing things with just you, but she can have just as much fun hanging around you and the boys.

4. She’s comfortable in her own skin.

She doesn’t have to put up a front, act perfect, or try to impress you. In fact, she’s secure in who she is and what she wants and therefore has no problem being her silly, quirky self.

5. She’s natural.

She doesn’t need a total makeover just to go out the front door. She won’t always have to dress to the nines or wear eyeliner in front of you. Sure, she might still wear some makeup (or none at all), but regardless, she doesn’t have to completely change her appearance to look beautiful.

6. She’s adventurous.

She doesn’t need structure and order. In fact, she thrives on excitement and celebrating the small things. She’s the type of girl that will definitely be okay jumping up and doing something last minute with you. She will take you up on your random ideas and be your co-pilot for every adventure. All that matters is that she get to do these fun things with you.

7. She has her own sense of style.

A low-maintenance girlfriend doesn’t care for name brand apparel. She wears what she’s comfortable in and what feels good—the label doesn’t matter—and she looks effortlessly and uniquely amazing.

8. She knows how to bargain shop.

Nothing is more annoying than spending large amounts of money on things you don’t need. A low-maintenance girlfriend knows how to save money, so she can help get all the necessities for the two of you, without wasting precious cash. Not only that, but she won’t spend hours walking around the mall. She can shop quickly, efficiently, and still look amazing.

9. Finding her a special occasion gift is super easy.

She doesn’t care for designer handbags or diamond jewelry. If you get her something genuine and from the heart—she’ll love it even more. It doesn’t need a high price.

10. She doesn’t need much to have a good time.

A low-maintenance girl can find a million and one reasons to be happy. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, she’ll find a reason to enjoy it. She won’t pout, or demand that things go her way. She can go with the flow, as long as the two of you are together.

11. She has an easy-to-get-along-with personality.

This girl can get along with anyone—from parents to siblings, bros to ex-girlfriends—her personality is positive and personable. She isn’t demanding, snobby, or selfish. She knows how to care about other people, and put them before herself. No matter who you introduce her to, she’s bound to bring a smile to their face.

12. She won’t drive you crazy.

At least, not all the time. 😜 She doesn’t have rules for you or a list of demands for dating her. She won’t ask you do everything for her and she won’t be clingy. She’ll let you be yourself and won’t demand you spend every waking moment with her. She’s secure in who she is, enough so that she’s fine to be independent. Conflict with her will be resolved by talking, not immaturely ignoring you or starting petty drama. If any craziness is happening in your relationship—it’s because you’re crazy in love.

13. She’ll love you better than anyone ever has.

A low-maintence girlfriend isn’t selfish. She’ll care for you, even put you first sometimes. It’s important for her to have you happy in your relationship, so she’ll find out how to love you like you need to be loved, and she’ll love you with everything she has. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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