101 Little Things That Make Your Heart Just As Happy As Falling In Love


1. Exchanging smiles with a stranger.

2. Listening to a song that gives you goosebumps.

3. Talking about your passions with someone who completely understands.

4. Taking a hot bubble bath after a long day.

5. Slipping off your shoes and putting your feet up on the couch.

6. The first bites of a delicious meal.

7. Jumping in a cold pool on a hot day.

8. Rolling over to check your alarm and realizing you still have two more hours of sleep.

9. When a cardinal lands on the tree branch right outside your bedroom mirror.

10. Losing track of time while talking to someone you care about.

11. Hugging a good friend.

12. Crying because you’re so happy.

13. Climbing a tree.

14. Making a wish and blowing dandelion seeds into the wind.

15. Finding something you really wanted at the store and it’s on sale.

16. Doing something incredible while playing the sport that you love.

17. Half-off margaritas at your favorite restaurant.

18. Laughing uncontrollably with a good friend.

19. Indulging in a yummy, sugary dessert treat.

20. The first sips of lemonade on a summer day.

21. Holding hands with an older relative.

22. Praying with a family member.

23. Climbing to the top of a mountain and surveying the view.

24. Going on a road trip with some close friends.

25. Talking to someone on the phone that you haven’t spoken to in a while.

26. Repairing a friendship that had faded over time.

27. Licking ice cream from your fingers.

28. Dancing with a complete stranger at a concert.

29. Meeting someone whose personality just clicks with yours.

30. Sharing stories with family around the dinner table.

31. Reading a good book on a lazy afternoon.

32. Swinging in a hammock.

33. Doing something exhilarating that you’ve always wanted to do.

34. Hugging a small child.

35. Taking a deep, stress-free breath.

36. Being at the top of a roller coaster.

37. Jumping in rain puddles.

38. Driving on the highway with the windows down.

39. Tasting salt water on your tongue.

40. Laughing, just because.

41. Having a butterfly land on your finger.

42. Listening to the sounds of crickets at night.

43. Petting a fluffy animal.

44. Being kissed on the cheek by a child.

45. The endorphin high after a good workout.

46. Indulging in something you’ve been craving.

47. Spending an entire afternoon doing something you want.

48. Playing a childhood game.

49. Looking at the stars.

50. Feeling sand between your toes.

51. When something random happens that just makes you want to explode with joy.

52. Getting a massage.

53. Putting on a warm sweater when you’re chilly.

54. The first sips of hot chocolate or coffee.

55. Sinking your tired head into a soft pillow.

56. Putting on warm, fuzzy slippers.

57. Dancing like a goofball and not having a care in the world.

58. Throwing your arms in the air and shouting at a concert.

59. Seeing an amazing wild animal in its natural habitat.

60. When your favorite song comes on the radio.

61. The taste of fresh watermelon on a hot day.

62. Spinning on an amusement park ride.

63. Rolling down a hill.

64. Dipping your toes into cool water.

65. Being in the arms of a parent.

66. Finding the perfect gift for someone you care about.

67. Cuddling up in blankets.

68. Stepping in a hot shower when you’re freezing cold.

69. Smiling, just because.

70. Indulging in a little, mid-day cat nap.

71. Experiencing something that reminds you of childhood.

72. Expressing all your emotions freely with a pen and paper.

73. Losing yourself in a movie or book character.

74. When you feel at peace.

75. Drawing, painting, or coloring something beautiful.

76. Having someone play with your hair.

77. Singing at the top of your lungs.

78. Sliding on a favorite pair of pants.

79. Closing your eyes after a long day.

80. Making a little kid laugh uncontrollably.

81. When you wake up refreshed.

82. Seeing something that makes you laugh for no reason.

83. The first sips of water after a good workout.

84. When you super confident.

85. Catching lightning bugs.

86. Holding hands with a child.

87. When you cross everything off of your to-do list.

88. Receiving an unexpected gift from someone.

89. When you have nothing to do and can just relax.

90. Sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

91. Seeing a shooting star.

92. Binge-eating fatty snacks with friends.

93. Kissing the cheek of a grandparent or older relative.

94. Playing peek-a-boo with a young child.

95. Buying freezing cold ice cream straight from the ice cream truck.

96. Feeling the ocean water flow over your bare toes.

97. Watching your favorite movie or TV show with a friend.

98. Having a full belly.

99. Feeling the sun warm your skin.

100. When a dog licks your fingers.

101. Listening to the sound of a baby’s laughter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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