I Promise To Do All The Little Things For You

Hugo Coelho
Hugo Coelho

I promise:

To cuddle with you when you’re feeling sick.
To always share my last slice of pizza.
To text you goodnight if you’re not sleeping next to me.
To make you breakfast in bed every once in a while, just because.

I promise:

To buy your favorite beer when I’m at the grocery store.
To cook the dinner you love, just to see you smile.
To leave you love notes on the kitchen counter.
To make you a hot bath after you’ve had a long day.

I promise:

To kiss your cheek if you fall asleep before I do.
To always curl up in your lap when we watch TV.
To give you my full attention when you speak.
To hold your hand when we’re walking through a crowd.

I promise:

To always tell you what’s on my mind, even if I’m being silly.
To share the covers, the pillows, and half of the bed.
To never complain about your snoring, even when it drives me crazy.
To tell you that I love you, just because we all need reminders.

I promise to do the thousands of little things to show you I care.

Every. Single. Day.

So often love is about the big things—the way two people are compatible, how their paths align, how they bring to light the wonderful, underneath layers of each other. We’ve been told that love is about passion, about being able to share your life, about deep talks and intimacy, about two people finding strength and becoming one another’s rocks for the difficult things life throws their way.

But sometimes I think real love lies in the little things.

In the small ways we love each other, choose each other day after day after day.

So, I promise to do the big things, yes. But even more, I promise to do the little things. To show you that you matter to me, not only when you’ve reached rock bottom, or when you need my support.

But just because you matter to me.
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