7 Subtle Signs She Wants A Second Date


1. She keeps smiling like a crazy person.

Sometimes the best way a woman can show interest is through her smile. It’s hard (male or female!) to muster up the courage to say, ‘I like you,’ and on a first date, sometimes the timing isn’t exactly right. But if she’s smiling at everything from your silly jokes to super awkward attempts at small talk, if her face lights up when you make eye contact, or if she’s looking at you and a tiny creep of pink spreads across her cheeks, then yes, she’s into you.

2. She has positive body language.

First dates can be filled with nervousness, but if she’s leaning into the table, leaning towards you, reaching for your hand, walking close to you, or tilting in a way that is slightly towards you, this could be her very subtle way of showing you she’s interested in you. Read her facial expressions and the way her body is—if she’s relaxed and laid back, she feels comfortable around you, which is a very good sign.

3. She looks at you with attentiveness and focus.

When a girl is into you, she’s giving you her undivided attention. She’s looking right at you when you speak, not around the room, not at the waiter, not at her phone tucked in the purse in her lap. If she’s listening to you, with her eyes, then she’s definitely interested (and not just in what you’re saying).

4. She reveals personal things about her life.

Surfacey small talk is the marker of every start of a first date, but after that initial rough patch, the floor opens to deeper topics. As the night goes on, if she’s willing to talk to you about more than what meets the eye about who she is, this is a sign of her beginning to let you in, and definite interest in getting to know you better.

5. She talks about future plans or what she’s up to.

You can tell if she’s interested in a second date by what she talks about. If she casually mentions her plans with her girlfriends next weekend, this could be her subtle way of letting you know that she’s not free on certain days, but most definitely available on others. Read her body language, if she’s talking about a future time when she could do something, this is a huge flag that she’s thinking about spending more time with you.

6. She mentions something about her favorite place(s).

If a girl talks about her favorite restaurant, place to get ice cream, area for swimming, trail for walking, etc. she is totally interested in a second date. She’s bringing these things up, causally of course, to feel you out and see if you’ll a) remember these places, b) be interested in spending time with her there. If there’s even a doubt in your mind, you’re being silly—when she talks about things she loves with you, she’s into you. 100%.

7. She tries to get to know deeper things about you.

It’s a first date, so she’s not going to ask you everything about who you are, but if she’s interested, she’ll definitely pick your brain a little bit. Know this—if a girl’s asking you about what you do, what you enjoy, or who you are—it means that she’s curious about who you are. Yes, she wants a second date. If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t ask. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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