You Are A Daughter Of Christ

Dawn Ashley
Dawn Ashley

You are a daughter of Christ. Do you know how wonderful that is? That means no matter where you wander, what obstacles cross your path, or how broken you feel—you are loved.

Fully. Unconditionally. Forever.

Know this: God chose you. Christ died for you.

There is a Savior that knows every little thing about you, from how many hairs are on your head, to how bitten-down your cuticles are, to how fast your heart beats when you run into that guy with the wire-frame glasses and cute smile at the bookstore.

This God knows your flaws and your failures; He knows the dark places you try to hide and the regrets you bury under the surface.

He knows the times you’ve given your heart to a man who didn’t love you. He knows the moments you were impure. He knows the words you’ve spoken dishonestly, when you’ve said one thing and done another. But He also has stood by you in your moments of success and triumph, when the biggest smile stretched across your beautiful face.

He knows your ups and downs, your highs and lows—and all these things make Him smile, make Him proud, make Him care for you more and more.

He loves you so incredibly much.

And as long as you believe that His son gave His life for your sins, He will never, ever stop loving you.

So what does it mean to be a daughter of Christ? It means someone to turn to when life feels overwhelming, it means a sense of peace when all hope is lost, it means security and sanctuary, it means love even on your worst days.

It means faith and a community of believers.
It means an eternal life when these days are over.

Being a daughter of Christ means that you have a forever father in Heaven.

Someone who is dependable and strong, someone who will not leave you or forsake you, even if you disappoint Him time and time again.

Being a daughter of Christ means that you have the greatest love one could ever provide.

More whole than any boyfriend, more complete than any husband, more persistent and passionate and perfect than you will find in any relationship, any marriage.

Being a daughter of Christ means never feeling, never being alone. For He is with you. Always.

So please seek refuge in Him and take ahold of His promise. Trust that He will be one you can turn to, because you can, no matter what. Know that His word is true and honest and lean into His love. Open your heart to Him and accept His son. Believe that someone loved you so much that they would die to make you sinless, blameless.

You are a daughter of Christ.

And He is longing to love you. Let Him in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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