17 People On The Biggest Fear They Have About Falling In Love


“I think one of my biggest fears is when you start talking to someone and you both clearly enjoy each other’s time, but you don’t want to be too clingy or assume anything so you don’t know how to take it to the next level. Like do they want to go to the next level? Or will I ruin it if I even bring it up?? How do you know when to push and when not to push??”

— Demi, 24


“Introducing them to your family. I hate when you think they are worthy of being involved into your family life, which is of great importance to me, and then it doesn’t end up being forever. It takes a lot of trust to be introduced to my family and when it doesn’t work out, I feel like I let my family down in a way.”

— Krissy, 26


“Them not loving my body.”

— Mikayla, 21


“I’ve been scared to fall in love because I am afraid it just won’t last. I’ve been so invested in a person before, totally in love, and watched before my eyes as he fell out of love with me every day. It was painful, but I kept thinking if I held on he would remember why he loved me. When that didn’t happen and he told me he just didn’t love me anymore, it was crushing because I loved him so much.

I didn’t understand how at one time someone who loved me so much could just not. (Especially because in my mind, love died because someone cheated, or treated someone poorly, or something in that category. Since none of that happened in our relationship it was just confusing). Over time it is something I’ve struggled with, and still do to an extent. I’m afraid now that anyone I date or fall for, that one day they will just wake up and not love me anymore, for reasons that I may not understand. It’s the chance any of us take in love, but it was never so real to me until it happened.”

— Lynnea, 24


“Hands down: her cheating on me. That f*cking terrifies me, that I’ll give my heart to a girl for her to just throw it away.”

— Charlie, 22


“I’m always scared that the reason I fall in love with someone is the reason I’ll fall out of love with them.”

— Samm, 21


“The biggest fear in a relationship is that after so long, you will lose interest in your partner, or your partner will lose interest in you. The time will come when you’re not funny anymore, or your body flaws will become unattractive or even a turn off, or that your day to day expressions and the wording of your sentences are seen as aggressive and not caring anymore.

The communication aspect of a relationship is the biggest problem.

You love someone so much that everything you say becomes brutally honest. That comes with being comfortable with someone. Unfortunately, you have no idea that you are hurting someone’s feelings because you think that your partner understands your intentions. You have to press the reset button every once in a while to make sure that you express love and appreciation. If you don’t…….Somebody else will.

And you’re always afraid of what somebody else might be whispering in your partners ears. A new cute face with a nice body and a bubbly sense of humor is very magnetizing. After a few too many drinks, away from your partner and the right person with a magical way with words at a vulnerable time in a relationship is always a huge concern. You can trust your partner to the moon and back, but we are only human, and there are always snakes in the garden looking to get someone to bite the forbidden apple.”

— Tommy, 22


“For me, the biggest fear is thinking she’ll find someone ‘better.'”

— Eric, 31


“Being rejected. At any stage in the relationship.”

— Maxwell, 30


“I’m honestly scared of losing myself in a relationship. I like falling in love, and I like having a person in my life that I can share things with and sort of mesh our lives together, but I’m scared that falling means forgetting who I am and what I want and that scares me more than anything.”

— Cherry, 23


“The fear that the chivalrous love that our parents’ generation possesses and that most of us hope to find just doesn’t exist anymore due to the hype of social media and the fact that the amount of likes or comments or any form of attention really is the way people show affection.

The fear that because of all the technology that you’ll never be good enough for that special someone that you hold close to your heart because you feel they’ll always be searching for someone better and have a backup list on the back burner rather than focusing on building with you and you only.”

— Kassie Rae, 22


“Easy: to give them everything and for them to take everything and leave you with nothing.”

— Zane, 27


“I’m a single mom and I’m scared that I’ll never find a man who will love me. But not just me, my kids too. Falling in love with me isn’t just falling in love with me, it’s falling in love with my family and not everyone can handle that type of commitment.”

— Avalynn, 33


“That who they are in the beginning is a facade and I’ll end up in an abusive relationship.”

— Lyndsee, 19


“That I won’t find someone who loves me for me. My quirks, my sarcasm, my good and my bad. Everything.”

— Britt, 26


“That one day he’ll just get tired of me.”

— Tandi, 25


“Every relationship I’ve ever been in, my significant other always starts off as a friend. Some of my ex-girlfriends were all at one point in time my bestfriends, as is my current girlfriend. My biggest fear is losing my bestfriend and/or hurting her. It’s a risk, but I find that those relationships are much happier and we know one another so well already, instead of getting to know one another we can focus on compromises.”

— Jim, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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