16 People Share The One Thing They Love Most About Their Significant Other



“The best thing about my honey is that he accepts me just like I am…no matter what my weight is, what my hair color is, what clothes I wear, how little make-up I wear….etc. He loves me from the inside out.”

— Aimee, 42


“Her smile. I swear to God it stops me in my tracks.”

— Colin, 35


“The one thing I love the most about my spouse is how considerate, compassionate, and empathetic he is towards every human he comes in contact with. Regardless of age or race. He is respectful gentleman and it honestly makes me weak at my knees!!! LOL.”

— Krystal, 24


“I love the way my wife lets me be a man and her husband at the same time. She has no reigns on me, and I let her be her own woman too. You need freedom. Don’t get me wrong, I do the handy work around the house, (cutting grass, change water heater, electrical, plumbing, etc,) but I also change diapers, do laundry, dishes, and cook. Not because she makes me, because that’s what you do when you love someone.

And I love that with her, I can do and be all of that.”

— Chris, 33


“The way he shows affection, like rubbing my back when I don’t feel good. He makes me feel important, and special and loved.”

— Jessie, 20


“I love the way she always makes people smile. She has this awesome snort-laugh and it brings the best out in everyone. God, it’s cute.”

— Max, 33


“What I love the most about my husband is his consistent willingness to put my needs above his own. Little things and big things. He will offer me the last bite of dessert, always. But the big things: doing what needs to be done for a child’s health and well-being (becoming a stay-at-home father when we needed one), and, another time, volunteering to quit his job – a job he loved – so I could pursue something I desired.

I could never let him quit. But I sure loved that he genuinely would have.”

— Rebecca, 51


“He just gets me. We could spend everyday together doing anything and everything we like without getting sick of one another.”

— Ben, 24


“I love my boyfriend’s patience. In every relationship there needs to be patience. Patience with fights, with decisions, with your significant other, with bumps in the road and slumps, and even the happy times. My boyfriend is incredible with this.”

— Sammy, 21


“It’s hard to pick just one thing, but the way she deeply understands and accepts me is really high on the list. That kind of love has been very transformative.”

— Alex, 41


“His sense of humor. It’s what drew me to him in the first place, it’s what connected us together for so long, and it continues to brighten my life each day.

Even at a recent hospital incident where I was really scared, he knew I needed comforting, but being babied isn’t my style. So instead he pointed at the padded rails on the side of my bed and said What are those for? Are you patient zero? And he made me laugh even though I was terrified. If I’m patient zero you’re patient one buddy so tough shit. It’s his sense of humor that lets me know that no matter how old or wrinkly we get, that’s something between us that will never change.”

— Leigh, 23


“I would have to say my wife’s drive. She’s the most passionate person I’ve ever met. In everything from her job to friendships to me. She works so hard to be good at what she does and to show people she cares. I wish I had that kind of drive.”

— Rodney, 31


“How my husband handles himself in situations. He believes that there’s no point in getting upset and responding negatively if something is going slow, if a person is rude, or if things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to. Watching the way he handles himself in situations that would make any other person blow up makes me fall in love all over again!”

— Catie, 24


“I love that my boyfriend challenges me intellectually. I have never had that in a boyfriend before, and I absolutely love that.”

— Kimberly, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark


“I love how she brings out the best in me. Not only is she an amazing girl, but she makes me better. And together we make one hell of a couple. Can’t wait to marry this lady!”

— James, 26


“What I love the most about him, is his ability to make me feel alive and free. Everyday he pushes me to let go of what I’ve been told to be and encourages me to just simply be who I am.

And I don’t know what’s more freeing than that.”

— Kylee, 21 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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