12 Reasons You Should Definitely Fall In Love With A Strong Woman


1. Because she is self-aware and confident.

A strong woman knows that she is strong. She defines herself by her strength and by her ability to love others, yet still love herself. She is the type of woman to always keep her head held high and to stick to her morals and beliefs. She walks with confidence, yet humility—the perfect woman to have by your side.

2. Because she’s a go-getter.

A strong woman knows who she is and what she wants. She’s the type of woman who has goals and actively pursues them. Sometimes she won’t know how to slow down, and will need you to help her relax, but she is motivated, persistent, and hard-working to the point that she’ll make your head spin. (In a good way.)

3. Because she isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Strength comes from vulnerability. From seeing flaws and the parts of yourself that don’t measure up and acknowledging them. From finding strength in being honest, open, and sincere. A strong woman isn’t afraid to open up to you, to strive for a deeper connection with you, and to give you her whole heart.

4. Because she won’t take your sh*t.

A strong woman won’t play games. She won’t stand for mistrust or for someone messing with her head. She will call you out when you don’t act right and she won’t settle for being treated less than she deserves. Because of this, she will keep you on the right track and make you a better man.

5. Because she isn’t the type to nag you or be insecure.

She won’t drive you crazy by questioning your every move. She will trust you until you prove her wrong and she won’t be worried about other people coming in-between your relationship because she is too busy loving you, and too confident in the two of you to have any doubts.

6. Because she will inspire you.

She will build you up, encouraging you to chase your dreams both alongside her, and with her. She will be the girl that makes you believe in yourself and in what you want. And this will be the biggest blessing.

7. Because she isn’t afraid to acknowledge her fears.

She is a strong woman, strong enough to know that she is flawed and imperfect. She will be open with you about the things she fears, especially in regards to your relationship. And because of her honesty, the bond between the two of you will become even stronger.

8. Because she will make you both humble and strong.

She will bring out the best parts of you. She will make you gentle and emotional to counterbalance her sassiness, but also strong enough to match her. She will help you become a more well-rounded man, and this will cause your relationship to both balance and flourish.

9. Because she listens.

Her strength comes from her ability to listen to her heart, and this translates to her relationships. She will be the woman who tries her best to understand your perspective, and will listen to you both in arguments and in the day to day.

10. Because she will keep your life interesting.

She is a passionate woman, a driven woman. Because of this, she will sometimes butt heads with you. But this is good. She will make your life interesting, fighting with you when it counts, and challenging you, which keeps things fun and forever-growing.

11. Because she will be your partner and other half.

She will be your equal. A woman who stands up to you, and stands for you. She won’t be the type of woman to take a back seat, or to sit on the sidelines. Instead, she will be right next to you in every decision you make, supporting and loving you with her whole heart.

12. Because she will always have your back.

She’s tough, and she will be tough on your behalf. She won’t let others hurt you or treat you poorly. She will be the woman who is defending you in every situation, and the woman who will put up a fight if you are treated like anything less than the amazing man that you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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