11 Things Every Girl Needs From Her BF In The Age Of Tinder

Leonardo Patrizi
Leonardo Patrizi

1. Hugs.

Because this is the simplest way to show affection. Because hugs are intimacy in its purest form. Because a hug says, ‘I missed you,’ ‘I need you,’ and ‘You’re mine.’

2. To feel loved.

The type of love that runs deep, that’s apparent, that’s real. Not just a friendship type of love, or a ‘good morning text’ type of love. But a love that’s both seen and felt. A love that reflects his desire to really intertwine his life with hers.

3. Laughter.

Which is often overlooked, but so very essential for a strong relationship. There needs to be moments of silliness, of finding joy in the simple things, of teasing one another, and of not taking life so seriously.

4. To be honored.

He shouldn’t place her on a pedestal, but should see her as someone special and not just an everyday person in his life. He should treat her with respect, always. And he should understand that people have different perspectives and beliefs, and acknowledge and appreciate this in her when they don’t see eye-to-eye.

5. Smiles.

Lots of smiles. Because there can never be enough when two people are happy with one another. And because smiles sometimes say everything that people don’t. A smile reflects mutual understanding of something funny, a wordless connection, and the ability for two people to be unconsciously drawn to one another.

6. To be able to trust.

He should be loyal, so much so that she never questions his motives, intentions, or choices. And she will be this way in return.

7. To feel free to be herself.

Without fear of being judged, mocked, or laughed at. He should always make her feel comfortable; not complacent, but happy with who she is. He should challenge her, but understand her personality and that it won’t always, 100% of the time, click with his.

8. Passion.

He should love her passionately, in all the ways he can. He should not only show affection for her physically, but want to discover her emotionally. And in all aspects of the relationship, he should treat her as if he can’t get enough.

9. To be listened to.

He should care enough to give her his full attention, to really focus when she speaks, and to treat her as if what she has to say is important.

10. Little things.

Because these little things, like opening a door or a goodnight kiss matter in the big scheme of things. Because these little things show that he truly loves her, that she means something to him, and that their relationship is important.

11. Time.

Not money, not gifts, not a constant flood of affection, but time. Time spent planning dates, time between busy schedules and commitments, time to focus on one another, time simply spent in one another’s arms, and time to fall deeper in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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