This Is How You Know Your Broken Heart Has Finally Healed

Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

1. He isn’t the first thought on your mind when you wakeup, or the last person you think of before falling asleep. In fact, he only crosses your mind on occasion. And when he does, you don’t feel longing or bitterness. You simply smile.

2. You have moments of genuine, unexpected happiness. And they have nothing to do with a man.

3. The days don’t pass by quickly, or drag on. You’re not trying to go through the motions or speed things up in order to forget. In fact, life just feels comfortable.

4. You are no longer afraid of the future. It doesn’t seem like this terrifying, uncharted place that you must try to navigate without him. Instead, you feel hopeful, excited even, for what’s to come.

5. You are able to listen and see beautiful examples of love all around you, and you no longer feel sad. Stories of the wonderful things your best friend’s boyfriend did, or the engagement of your cousin, or the elderly couple on the bench. These things don’t remind you of what you’ve lost, but encourage you for the love you’ll one day find.

6. You notice men differently, or for the first time. And they seem strange, interesting, and even intriguing.

7. You feel a sense of self, a peacefulness with who you are. And when you look at yourself in the mirror, you smile.

8. You aren’t scared of letting someone in. Because you know that all men are not the same, and you don’t want to hide behind your fear anymore.

9. You find yourself exploring, interested, eager to do things you haven’t done. Things without him, and without thinking of him. Things for yourself, simply because you can.

10. There isn’t a deep ache in your heart for him, or for anyone. You’re comfortable on your own. And being without a significant other feels good.

11. You find yourself laughing at the littlest things. Simply because you’re blissfully, genuinely, effortlessly happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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