19 Struggles Of Being An Extremely Short-Waisted Girl


1. Normal sized t-shirts do not look normal. They extend halfway down your leg. #Awkward.

2. Wearing a tankini, crop-top, or any type of short shirt makes you look like a weird-shaped box.

3. You’re constantly at a crossroads between wearing the only jeans that look good on you (aka: low-rise) or exposing your butt crack to the world. #TheStruggleIsReal

4. If you dare wear high-waisted shorts, your stomach is like, literally four inches tall.

5. Your body shape resembles more of a parallelogram than an hourglass.

6. Crop-tops are basically normal t-shirts because you don’t have a stomach to crop.

7. High-waisted jeans pretty much go all the way up to your boobs.

8. Buying swimsuits is the ultimate #struggle because you have to choose something that doesn’t make you look like a squished slinky.

9. You have to be very careful when buying long shirts. Because ‘long’ in store lingo = dress.

10. You will always look shorter than your younger siblings. (And that’s because they were blessed with the long-leg gene. A$$holes.)

11. People try to console you by saying, you’ll grow. But you know that’s a total lie because who grows in taller in their stomach/waist region??! (No one.)

12. Taking a swimsuit selfie requires a lot of work. It’s all about the make-your-tummy-look-good angles.

13. When you stand next to your long-waisted friends, you always look a little stockier. Even if you’re totally not.

14. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t pull off the causal, short t-shirt and leggings look.

15. You can only rock one outfit with 100% ease, and that’s a dress…which realistically, how many dresses do you own?? Not that many. So you’re pretty much screwed.

16. Sharing clothes with friends and siblings is damn near impossible because literally no one has the same body type as you.

17. Anything with a side/stomach cut-out is guaranteed to look suuuuper weird. Don’t even bother trying it on.

18. You can do all the crunches and sit-ups in the world, but your flat stomach is still a semi-awkward stomach.

19. Literally no one understands the struggle!! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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