16 Reasons Why Clingy Chicks Make The Best Girlfriends


1. Because a clingy significant other is a loyal significant other. Seriously though…if she’s trying to spend all her time with you, she’s obviously not trying to get with anyone else. Duh.

2. Because life’s too short to not love someone fully. And intensely. And without holding back.

3. Because if she’s not wanting to spend a ton of time with you, then what’s the point? (Really though.)

4. Because if you can handle her literally all. the. time. then she’s definitely the one.

5. Because it shows she’s a passionate person. And passion is good.

6. Because clingy doesn’t mean crazy. (At least not all the time.)

7. Because you’ll never have to wonder where she is. (She’s right next to you.)

8. Because it shows she genuinely values you. And what’s better than that?

9. Because you’ll never have to guess where her head’s at.

10. Because she’ll never get sick of you. (Even if you occasionally get sick of her.)

11. Because she’s confident in what she wants. And that’s cool.

12. Because being clingy isn’t actually a real thing. It’s just something someone created to make people feel bad about themselves.

13. Because being with her means you’ll never have to go to social gatherings alone. Thank God.

14. Because it’s actually awesome that she’s true to her feelings. (Even if she’s a little too much sometimes.)

15. Because people love differently. And that’s okay.

16. Because she’s not actually that clingy. She just loves you. A whole lot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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