11 Reasons Why Working With Young Children Is The Most Rewarding Job In The World


1. You are responsible for the happiness of so many others beyond yourself.

You are the one that kisses the ‘owwies’ and bandages the scissor-wounds. You sprinkle glitter on the fishy pictures and you hand out the oatmeal cookies at snack time. It’s you that puts a smile on these children’s faces every day. And that’s huge.

2. You are the witness of so many wonderful ‘firsts.’

The first steps, first mumbled ‘bye byes,’ the first time on the potty. It’s you that gives out the gold stickers, high-fives, and kisses. And when they accomplish something, it’s you that they beam to with pride.

3. You get to be a part of the messy, amazing learning process.

The spilled apple juice without a lid, the soiled diapers, the grass-stained knees. You teach them, slowly, and you witness every step of their growth.

4. You see so many smiles.

Smiles when they’re running around the playground, when they jump into your arms, when they see their mommies and daddies at the end of the day. You get to play a role in their simple, joyful lives, and that’s beautiful.

5. You experience parenthood vicariously.

You take care of these children as if they were your own. They aren’t your flesh and blood, but you love them just the same. And though you may or not be a parent yourself, you become a ‘mommy’ and a ‘daddy’ to so many little ones.

6. You celebrate the little things every single day.

Each day brings new excitements—a new pair of shoes, a walk to the park, a treasure found at the bottom of the toy box—and you’re a part of it all. You’re the partner in crime, sifting through the blocks and building towers, and you’re the first person they go to when they discover a speck of yarn on the floor. You celebrate these little moments, and each moment brightens both their, and your lives.

7. You are continually depended on.

And every day you serve a purpose. That’s powerful.

8. You are a crucial part of each child’s development.

It’s you who teaches right from wrong, how to share, how to take turns, and what it means to have kind words and touches. You help develop these kids, day in and day out, and you mold them into their future selves.

9. You help to build the character of these miniature humans.

You not only help them develop academically and socially, but encourage their personalities and bring out their unique traits, too.

10. You literally save lives every single day.

From falling off chairs to climbing jungle gyms to slipping on wet floor—you’re the savior and preventer of every accident and catastrophe waiting to happen. Thank God for you.

11. You are example of love in its truest form.

You love these children unconditionally, and show them that the world is, indeed, full of wonderful people. You are a consistent example of what love is and should be. And you teach these children that no matter what they face, they will never be alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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