6 Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Love Life

iStockPhoto.com  / Katie Martynov
iStockPhoto.com / Katie Martynov

1. Say deuces to the f*ckboys.

March is the month for fresh starts and re-vamped NYE resolutions. Start by getting rid of the dudes who don’t text you back, who only want to hookup, or who don’t follow through with their plans. You don’t have the time or energy to chase someone that’s not all in. Bye Felicia.

2. Rid yourself of the ex’s crap.

I get it. You’re sentimental for the last relationship because you’re lonely or mildly desperate or because you haven’t found something better yet. (You will.) But keeping his pictures on the walls and wearing his sweatshirt to bed isn’t going to make him magically realize how awesome you are. Now you don’t have to have a dramatic burn party, but you can throw those clothes and love notes away. Or at the very least put his stuff in a box deep, deep in your closet never to be seen again. This will feel like a fresh start. Trust me, you need it.

3. Cut it with the depressing Tweets and selfies.

Listen, you’re not going to find the love you want by retweeting sentimental breakup quotes or taking pictures with captions ‘need a cuddle buddy.’ Not only does that make you sound desperate…but it’s super weird. Throw some positivity on the timeline and you’ll be surprised by how quickly it comes right back. Your new bae will be slidin’ in the DM’s before you know it.

4. Get some guts and talk to that cutie.

You’ve spent the last four months third-wheelin’ with your BFF and her boyfriend of two years. They’re sweet, and they only make-out in front of you occasionally…but it’s high time you started advocating for yourself. You’re young, hot, and fabulous. So that boy who’s been eyeing you at the café—just strike up a conversation. Honestly, what do you have to lose?

5. Get your pad in presentation mode.

If you want to have a legitimate love life, you have to have your sh*t together (somewhat). Which means cleaning up your living space and making it presentable for guests….AKA picking up the clothes off the floor, throwing out the leftover pizza boxes, putting the wine glasses in the dishwasher, etc. Then heck, have some people over to show off your clean space and hopefully meet your potential Friday night date.

6. Quit dressing like a homeless person.

PSA: You’re not going to find your prince charming dressed like a hobo. It’s March now, which means almost spring (hopefully). Which means spring dresses, cute boots, floral tanks, etc. So instead of rocking the classic sweats-and-hoodie combo, dress it up a little. Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good. And that makes you even more attractive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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