25 Things You Can Relate To If You’re The Type Of Person Who (Stupidly) Cares What Others Think Of You

Clayton Rohner
Clayton Rohner

1. You find yourself over-analyzing everything. And I mean everything.

2. You get SUPER nervous before a confrontation because you hate hurting people’s feelings.

3. You see the best in people, to a fault.

4. Sometimes you let things build up before actually saying something because you don’t want to make a scene.

5. When you actually (finally) something, you still choose your words carefully.

6. And when you mess up, you do everything in your power to fix it. Right away. Like instantly.

7. You could definitely identify with the label ‘over-apologizer.’

8. Before making a major decision, you sometimes think about what your parents would think…even though you’re grown.

9. Though you absolutely hate admitting it, you’re a total fixer.

10. When you do something stupid, you find yourself wondering what your little sibling, younger friends, or even the kids you babysit will think.

11. Sometimes you sensor your FB posts.

12. You often find yourself sitting through BORING conversations because you really don’t want to be that jerk that interrupts.

13. When you write something super personal, you typically ask for someone’s opinion on whether or not to post/publish/send it.

14. You may or may not have two Twitter accounts. One that’s public and normal…and one that’s private, for all your unedited thoughts.

15. When a creepy guy/girl hits on you, you have the hardest time getting away from him/her because as annoying as he/she is, you don’t want to be mean.

16. Which eventually leads to you giving out your number to randos because you don’t know what to say???! Umm…sorry, no I don’t want to give you my number? That’s so mean.

17. If you’re in a civil, non-voice-raising argument with someone, you’ll almost always start with a compliment.

18. You smile at people. Even people you don’t like.

19. You swear, but typically not at a person when you’re mid-argument. (Okay, occasionally…)

20. You are probably friends with your boyfriend’s crazy ex. Or at least have tried to be.

21. And you’re probably still nice to the ex that broke your heart.

22. You’ve most likely read (or even responded to) hater comments on your blog/page/profile/etc. because you don’t want people to think bad about you.

23. If someone starts a nasty rumor about you, you get suuuuuper anxious because IT’S NOT TRUE AND I CAN’T LET THE WORLD THINK THAT ABOUT ME!!!!!!

24. You really really hate having drama or unresolved conflict with people. So you’ll always try to be the bigger person. (Which really sucks sometimes!!)

25. You like to tell yourself you DGAF what other people think of you, but you totally do. (You’re getting better though! …thank goodness.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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