23 Mother-Daughter Arguments That Anyone With A Rebellious Streak Can Totally Relate To


1. When she caught you putting on makeup or sneaking her mascara from her drawer. Or when she discovered the secret stash of lipsticks buried in the corner of your closet.

2. The first time you snuck out.

3. When you wanted to wear that skimpy crop top or cheeky bikini that made you look wayyyy older than your age.

4. When you told her you had a boyfriend. Or that you were hanging out with any member of the opposite sex for that matter. (Cue the ‘You’re not old
enough to date’

5. When she caught you making out on the downstairs couch. AKA: WWI, mother-daughter style.

6. When she read your diary.

7. When you asked to buy your first thong or when she found your thong in the laundry… “Ummm…what the hell is this?!

8. When you got caught drinking.

9. When you lied about where you were and who you were with.

10. When you broke curfew…again.

11. When she had to pick you up from so-and-so’s house because their parents weren’t home.

12. When you got a little heavy-handed with the eyeliner and looked ‘like a trashy raccoon’ (or some other not-cute animal).

13. The sex-talk. AKA: “If you ever have sex, you will be dead. Do you understand me?!”

14. The time you dented/bumped/crashed/totaled the car.

15. When you had to call and ask her to bring you a change of clothes because you totally got in trouble for dress code at school.

16. When she saw pictures of what you really wore to that party last Saturday.

17. The argument over her reading your text messages/going through your phone.

18. The argument over you social media account and what dumb pictures you posted on it.

19. When you wore one outfit at home and changed into the other at school…but totally forgot to change back.

20. When you got into it about what was an ‘acceptable’ amount of makeup to wear.

21. When you had an all-out brawl over whether or not you should be allowed to take the car on a Friday night.

22. The “You don’t understand me,” door-slamming, yelling, crying fights over the most random things.

23. The screaming matches that somehow ended in both of you doubled over with laughter (and exchanging hugs before the next explosion.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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