20 Embarrassing Things That Happen In Every Girl’s Locker-Room


1. Twerking and/or some form of erotic (or just weird af) dancing.

2. Hideous, never-to-be-posted Snapchat selfies.

3. Someone standing on the bench, half dressed, and belting out a Beyonce song.

4. Stuffing someone tiny in one of the lockers.

5. Heart-to-hearts about literally anything…which always end in ugly tears.

6. Someone getting stuck in a bathroom stall at least once.

7. Pranking one of the teammates by stealing her bra and putting it somewhere she can’t reach.

8. Walking/running around in skivvies and not giving any f*cks.

9. Terribly off-key, top-of-the-lungs singing.

10. Scaring the sh*t out of each other by hiding around walls or lockers…and of course capturing the entire thing on video.

11. Making everyone on the team smell so and so’s socks/cleats/gym shoes/bag etc.

12. Butt pinching, grabbing, or poking of some sort.

13. Playing hot potato with someone’s sports bra.

14. Throwing toilet paper balls at the one teammate that stunk up the bathroom.

15. Locking someone in the utility closet.

16. Blasting pre-game music and jumping around in sports bras, shorts, and socks like idiots.

17. Pictures of every single embarrassing moment that are ammo/blackmail for the team Facebook group.

18. Throwing sh*t at one another in the shower.

19. Random weird things, like people planking on benches or playing froggy.

20. Team choreography, for example, (but not limited to): the Bernie, Dab, Harlem Shake, Macarena, Whip, or Wobble. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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