10 Things You Can Relate To If Your Mother Was The Main Disciplinarian In Your Home


1. You are strong as hell. Your mom was the first person you fought with, and you fought fiercely. With every argument, you developed your own voice, sense of self, and inner strength. Throughout your crazy teen years, you butted heads quite often, but this taught you how to be independent apart from the ones you love.

2. You don’t take anyone’s sh*t. Your mom made you into a tough cookie. She wouldn’t put up with your crap, and now you have a low BS tolerance, too. You know when you’re getting pushed or played, and you don’t let people get away with it.

3. You are sensitive to the needs of others. Even though you might come off as a hard a$$ sometimes, you’re a real softie. Your mother’s love has taught you to be in-tune with your feelings and the world around you. You have become more aware of your needs, your actions, others needs/actions, and how you influence people.

4. You are occasionally a people-pleaser, or have people-pleasing tendencies. Much of your young life was centered on trying to be the best daughter you could be. You always wanted to exceed your mom’s expectations and make her proud. You were always striving to be better—which is good, but can also mean that you’re forever chasing someone’s (or your own) acceptance.

5. You love unconditionally. Your mother may have been hard on you at times, but she never stopped loving you. Ever. Now you know the meaning (and the value) of true love and you bless your relationships with it.

6. You are stubborn and pride yourself in this. Your stubbornness was born from plenty of full-out screaming matches where neither of you would back down. Though being stubborn can be limiting, it means that you are secure in who you are and what you want.

7. You are self-regulated, responsible, and motivated. Your mom’s high expectations pushed and inspired you. Now you not only have self-confidence, but you most definitely have your sh*t together.

8. You are incredibly forgiving. There were times that your mom might’ve been a little too tough on you, but you’ve learned, grown, and let that go. You now understand the power in seeing the world from someone else’s eyes, and because of this, you can make peace with your butting-heads years.

9. You are humble. You know when you mess up, and you take responsibility because you were taught to as a child.

10. You know that love isn’t sunshine and butterflies all the time, and that’s okay. Your mother raised you with her strength. She was hard on you when you deserved it and didn’t lessen your punishments when you pulled the puppy-dog face. She taught you that love is unconditional, but imperfect. It will be tough, it will hurt, but it will always be incredibly beautiful and worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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