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50 Simple Questions To Ask Yourself When You Need A Reminder That You’re Blessed

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Ondrej Supitar
Ondrej Supitar

1. Am I breathing?

2. Is my heart beating?

3. Am I able to open my eyes? Can I see around my room? If not, can I hear? What do I hear?

4. Am I able to move my legs?

5. Can I stand, walk, stretch? If not, can I move another body part?

6. Am I healthy? If not, what is healthy about me?

7. Do I have someone sleeping next to me? Do I love this person? If I don’t have someone next to me, who in my life do I care about?

8. Who cares about me?

9. Do I have friends or family members that love me?

10. Can I contact these people? If I can’t anymore, am I thankful for their part in my life?

11. Do I have a pet I take care of? Or something I take care of?

12. Do I live in a house or apartment?

13. Do I live by myself? I am blessed to be able to afford that. If not, do I live with others? I am blessed to have friends and roommates.

14. Am I employed? If not, do I have opportunities? Can I search for these opportunities by myself? Or if not, do I have someone who can help me?

15. Do I have an education of some sort? Or if not, do I have the street smarts to get me through the day?

16. Do I have food in my pantry or refrigerator? If not, do I have the means to buy more or friends to give me some?

17. Do I have socks to put on my feet?

18. Is there a radio in my room? Can I listen to music?

19. Can I take a hot shower?

20. Am I able to sing in the shower?

21. Do I have clothes to wear?

22. Can I choose what clothes I want to wear today?

23. Do I have shoes for my feet?

24. Do I have a way of getting to work or to where I need to go?

25. Do I have a car? If not, do I have another means of transportation?

26. Can I breathe fresh air?

27. Are there people outside that wave to me?

28. Can I see grass or snow or sunshine or flowers or some beautiful form of nature?

29. What sounds do I hear?

30. Am I warm? Am I cold? Can I feel?

31. Am I able to smile?

32. Did that person smile at me?

33. Do I have an office I go to? If not, a place where I can work?

34. Do I have electronics, tools, or some means of completing my work?

35. Do I love this work? If not, does it serve a purpose for my life?

36. Can I buy something for breakfast? Can I buy something I really want?

37. Does thee person at the register talk to me?

38. Do I exchange smiles with people?

39. Is there someone I can talk to when I’m feeling overwhelmed?

40. Can I find someone to go to lunch with?

41. Can I taste the food I’m eating?

42. Can I help someone today?

43. Do I have interactions with others?

44. Do I feel some sort of emotion?

45. Do I have hands that can shake with another person’s?

46. Do I have arms to hug someone else?

47. Am I connected to other people, simply because I am human?

48. Can I embrace the good and let go of the bad?

49. Can I find a reason to be happy today?

50. Am I blessed? Yes. The answer is yes. TC mark

Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a writer, poet, & producer. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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