40 Tiny, Serendipitous Moments To Remind You How Beautiful Life Truly Is

istockphoto.com / furtaev
istockphoto.com / furtaev

1. Finding a heads-up penny on the sidewalk.

2. Exchanging a smile with a stranger.

3. The first bite of the food you’ve been craving.

4. A sip of ice-cold water when you’re thirsty.

5. A kiss from someone unexpected.

6. A text from a crush.

7. Opening your blinds to the first snowfall.

8. Laughing at something incredibly random.

9. Finding a note from someone you love.

10. Trying a new food and absolutely loving it.

11. Reading something that gives you chills.

12. Seeing a beautiful view.

13. Feeling suddenly, randomly calm.

14. A hug from a loved one.

15. Your pet cuddling up next to you.

16. Curling up on the couch after a long day.

17. The sweet smell of rain.

18. A quiet drive on an empty road.

19. Seeing a shooting star.

20. An unexpected phone call from someone you love.

21. Cooking something that tastes amazing.

22. Looking at a friend and bursting out laughing.

23. Stumbling across old photographs.

24. Listening to a song that brings back memories.

25. An accidental touch with a crush.

26. Seeing your reflection in the mirror and feeling confident.

27. Creating something and feeling proud.

28. Finding solace in your alone time.

29. Listening to the sounds of nature.

30. A warm breeze.

31. The smell of home-cooked food.

32. An embrace with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

33. A deep sign of contentment.

34. Unexpected butterflies.

35. Looking at a piece of art and feeling connected to it.

36. Having a deep conversation and feeling like they ‘get it’.

37. Feeling a spark with someone you didn’t expect.

38. Unexpected, happy tears.

39. A hug that brings back memories.

40. Feeling like things are falling into place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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