25 Things You Need To Thank Your Teammates For


1. For eye-rolling alongside you when coach scheduled Friday 5:30AM weights, but always showing up and working hard.

2. For rubbing out that huge knot in your shoulder when you just couldn’t handle it anymore.

3. For knowing when you needed that mid-game pep talk.

4. For giving you unsolicited confidence boosts exactly when you needed them.

5. For being lazy with you on off-days.

6. For letting you borrow her bat, gloves, socks, cleats, or whatever else you happened to forget or break.

7. For obnoxiously cheering for you and never letting the game be silent.

8. For always bringing conditioner and icy hot to away games. (Praise the Lord!)

9. For knowing when you needed a stern talking-to and when you just needed a hug.

10. For sharing headphones and not complaining about your weird, pre-game pump-up music choices.

11. For giving you a (literal) shoulder to cry on. And sleep on during long bus rides.

12. For wrapping/taping/taking care of you when you didn’t have your sh*t together.

13. For being your throwing partner, bus-seat buddy, or fellow bench warmer.

14. For pushing you to be better.

15. For not letting you dwell on (or cry profusely over) a crappy game.

16. For showing up on time and busting a$$ to get better.

17. For being by your side for the best, toughest, and most exciting years of your life.

18. For having your back on and off the field.

19. For getting into some serious shenanigans with you.

20. For knowing how to make you laugh.

21. For never judging you (and totally joining you) as you complained about coach, annoying umps, crappy teams, and soreness.

22. For knowing exactly why you were playing terrible and pointing it out to you in a way that only slightly pissed you off.

23. For binge-eating with you post-tournament weekend. And not judging you.

24. For sharing a bed with you, even when you stole all the covers.

25. For basically being family. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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