20 Super Cheap Valentine’s Day Dates For Couples That Value Romance Over Money

Twenty20 / autumnbphoto
Twenty20 / autumnbphoto

1. Store Scavenger Hunt
Create a random list (or find one online if you’re not the creative type) and head to Walmart or some superstore. Race each other to see who can find and take pictures of all the items first. Winner cooks dinner.

2. Adult Coloring
We all need a little Zen. Buy a coloring book (one of those sweet adult ones, or even a kiddo one will do) and a set of markers. Then light some candles, sip some wine, play soft music, and have a relaxing and romantic indoor coloring date.

3. Food Experiment

If you or your significant other is an avid Pinterest-er, then this will be especially easy. Pick a complicated recipe, strange food you’ve always wanted to try, or restaurant favorite and make it together. That means taking turns stirring, sharing the stove, and of course, kissing in-between.

4. Indoor Camping
If you are lucky enough to live where the wind chill isn’t 5 below, then do this outside. But for those stuck indoors, reminisce on your childhood camping trips by making a tent-fort (complete with all the pillows and blankets in your house), roasting marshmallows on the stove, and cuddling up telling stories. Cute, cheap, and cozy.

5. The $5 Gift
Give one another a budget of $5 and unlimited creativity to create a simple, but sweet gift for the other person. Head to the dollar store for ideas, then add your own homemade fun to make something thoughtful and meaningful (but won’t break your bank)!

6. The Romantic Getaway
Let’s be honest, that dream vacation is pricey. So instead of shelling out thousands of dollars, create a themed date night at home! Dress in your swim suits, lay make tropical drinks, and indulge in a warm, candle-lit bubble bath. It’s just as good (if not more intimate) than the real thing.

7. Throwback To Childhood
When was the last time you played ‘Sorry’ or one of those silly, but fun childhood board games? Bring out each other’s competitive sides and teach each other your family games and traditions (which will only bring you closer and help when you meet the rents).

8. Fondue & Finger Foods
Fondue is pretty sweet, but it’s ridiculously expensive. Dress up, make your own, and have a fancy, at-home fondue date. (Don’t forget chocolate for dessert!) And romantically feeding one another is a must.

9. The Ultimate Drinking (And Kissing!) Game
Grab some drinks, blankets, pillows, and put on any show or movie, but establish rules before starting. (Example: Any time the main character’s kiss, your partner has to drink. Or whenever the lead character smiles, the two of you have to kiss.) The rules can be silly or random—the point is to get drunk and kiss your partner excessively (and with a purpose).

10. Dollar Beer Night
AKA: Super cheap drinks at some local bar. It’s guaranteed that your town, or some surrounding town has a good deal. And you probably haven’t been since college. Or if you have, it wasn’t with your significant other. There’s something fun about getting tipsy with the person you care about. (Plus it’s cheap and gets you out of the house!) So indulge in a little college nostalgia.

11. Discount-Movie-Theater-And-Chill
You know that clearance theater on the other side of town you (for whatever reason) never go to, even though the tickets are dirt cheap? Go.

12. Fro-Yo Dessert Date
You have to admit, getting desserts is fun. (There’s something about indulging in sweet goodness that you just can’t beat!) Good part about frozen yogurt? It’s decently better for you than regular ice cream. And this can be a cute, cheap night out with your significant other. Get what you like and enjoy. Or, to spice things up, pick the fro-yo and toppings for one another and be surprised by what they choose and why.

13. A Puppy Petting Party
Head to an animal shelter or local pet store and spend a few hours petting puppies. Not only is this a completely adorable photo-op for you and bae, but these little guys get some loving on V-Day, which is totally awesome.

14. A Night To Give Back
Valentine’s Day has always been about you and your significant other…but what if you did something completely different this year? Look up some places around town to volunteer and sign you and your human up to help for a few hours: food bank, soup kitchen, etc. You’ll be amazed at how a little time outside of your normal lives can really change your perspective and make you thankful for what you have.

15. Bowling Date
Bowling is always super cheap. I’m talking less than $5 shoes and less than $5 games, (And if that’s not the price then look for a coupon because there’s always coupons!) So go on a cute bowling date. You can order pizza, drink pop, and get super competitive with who’s a better bowler. And if you’re really feeling adventurous—play without the kiddie bumpers!

16. Group Laser Tag
Okay, when was the last time you played a game of laser tag? Middle school? For this Valentine’s, gather your couple friends (and your single friends, because they need loving too!) and have an ultimate laser tag party! Group rates are pretty cheap and you’ll all get to run around and have fun sneaking up and shooting each other.

17. Appetizers Out
Eating out can be expensive, but if you still want a romantic date without all the cash, then go somewhere and just order appetizers. You can get all dressed up and have the romantic atmosphere without breaking your bank. Then you can head home and eat desserts or make your own food, which is way cheaper and more intimate anyways.

18. The List And Kiss
This is a game where you and your significant other brainstorm a list of 20+ questions for one another without sharing any answers. (You each have your own sheets.) When you’ve come up with your questions, you trade and have the other person fill the sheet out. Then you read them together and for every correct answer, it’s a kiss. For every wrong answer, it’s a drink. Either way, by the end you’ll know more about each other, and be pleasantly tipsy and in love.

19. Skate The Night Away
(Or some other outdoor activity). If you live where it’s cold enough outside, look up free ice rinks. There is at least one, or if not, find a local one (outdoor or indoor) and skate for the day. It isn’t too pricey, and there’s something adorable about trying to be cute and hold hands on ice, while also attempting to balance. Cute, chilly kisses and laps around the rink are guaranteed to make you smile this V-Day.

20. Trip Down Memory Lane
To celebrate Valentine’s Day, try to remember as much as you can about when you and your significant other met. Do you remember what the other person wore? Where you were? Grab a bottle of wine and spend a little time reminiscing. Look through old photographs, laugh and share memories, and if you can remember details, tell the other person. It will show you how much you’ve gone through and how truly wonderful your relationship is. And don’t forget to drink, too. :) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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