10 Things You Can Love About A Person That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Appearance


1. The way or she speaks. Is it quiet or loud? Do they speak with their hands or with their eyes? When they talk about something they’re passionate about, does the pace of their speech quicken? Are the words fast and fluid and running together? Can you hear the happiness on their tongue?

2. His or her laugh. Is it gentle or does it fill the empty spaces in the room? Does it come from their chest or the bottom of their belly? Do they laugh easily, or are they laughing over something deeply rooted in the person they are? What makes them laugh?

3. The way he/she carries himself/herself. Does they stand with authority or humility? Does their presence demand attention or is it halfway-hidden in the afternoon shadows? Do they stand with strength or dignity or both?

4. His or her actions. Are they silly or serious? Do they do things purposefully or are they quick to act on their heart? Do they treat others lovingly? Do their actions represent the beautiful person they are?

5. His or her strength. Can you hear their unwavering voice? Can you understand their difficult past and see how they’ve pushed through? Can you see the way they stand, the way they trust, the way they move with passion and confidence?

6. His or her attitude. Can you feel the positivity radiating from their being? Do they turn the faucet on happiness? Do they live lives full of emotion and purpose and confidence?

7. The way he or she listens.
Do they look you in the eye? Do they genuinely focus their attention on you, eliminate distractions, and really hear what you have to say?

8. His or her ability to trust. Are they slow to anger and quick to love? Do they let go of painful things and put their faith in others?

9. His or her emotional presence.
Can you feel them there, beyond the physical? Does their presence calm you or make you happy? Do they make you feel connected, filled rather than lonely?

10. The way he or she loves. Do they love fearlessly or tentatively? Do they love fully, with everything they have, or carefully, with one toe in at a time? Do they love with passion or with steadiness? Are they beautiful in the way they love? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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