10 Reasons Everyone Needs A Pisces Man In Their Life


1. They really listen. Pisces men are the best listeners. Whether a SO, friend, or family member, this guy is the one who will sit down and have a deep conversation with you. He won’t be zoning out, checking his phone, or wandering elsewhere. When you’re with him, you have his full, undivided attention.

2. They are the type of guys that are guided a little more by their heart rather than…well, you know. These type of guys are sensitive, which means they’re more in tune with their emotions and what they want. AKA they use their heart a little more than their dicks. (Kidding, guys!) But seriously, these men are led by what they feel, which means they understand emotions side and can connect with you on a deeper level.

3. They feel. Pisces men feel. And they feel deeply. That means they will understand the range of emotions you may face—from pain and heartbreak to euphoria—and they will experience them right alongside you.

4. They are generous givers. The Pisces is the most giving of the signs. They are givers of gifts, of attention, of thoughts, and of love. If you are in any type of relationship with a Pisces male, be prepared to be showered with love and kindness.

5. They are independent. Every relationship needs for both parties to have time by themselves; a Pisces male not only understands this, but is driven by it. They are solo creatures by nature, enjoying their own spaces and quiet time. This ensures a relationship with two independent, self-sufficient parties, which is very important.

6. Though they can be temperamental at times, but their emotional sides allow for a deeper connection. Pisces men can be quick to react to situations or quick to retreat to their own world when upset because of their emotional sides. But it is because of they are emotional that allows for deeper, more intimate conversations, which ultimately leads to an unbreakable bond once you pull them out of their shells.

7. They are very protective. What a Pisces man loves and values, he will claim as his own. That means he will fiercly care for and protect anyone he is in a relationship with—romantic or platonic.

8. They are extremely creative. The Pisces man has an imaginative side which can be wonderful for your relationship. Planning dates, coming up with ideas, connecting through the arts, etc. The only downside is that he may fade into a dream-world at times, but he can be easily pulled back to reality. Or joined.

9. They aren’t afraid to fall in love. By now you get it—Pisces men feel and are guided by these feelings—so it’s no surprise that these guys are ready and willing to fall in love. They aren’t afraid of telling you how they feel, and they aren’t afraid of commitment (which is huge). So safe to say they’re a good type of guy to fall for.

10. They are compassionate and devoted.
If you are suffering, the Pisces male in your life will be right alongside you, feeling your pain and comforting you. Through the good and the bad, this guy will support you and be loyal to you. When he loves, he loves hard. AKA when the going gets tough, he’s here to stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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