Bless Up: 12 Times DJ Khaled Inspired Us To Get Our Sh*t Together

1. When he gave us some legitimate advice for when we’re in over our heads.
DJ Khaled

2. When he taught us to get in better relationships.

@djkhaled is such an inspiration 🙏 #djkhaled #wethebestmusic #anotherone #lion #plants

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3. When he gave us the ultimate key to success.
They Don’t Want You To Win

4. When he reminded us to be thankful for the little things.
DJ Khaled

5. When he gave us the two basic rules for life.
DJ Khaled

6. When he reminded us that people change.
DJ Khaled

7. When he rocked some sweet sandals and told us that there’s always another thing to be thankful for.
DJ Khaled

8. When he enlightened us about haters.
They Don't Want You To Win
They Don’t Want You To Win

9. When he inspired us to clean up our lives…literally.
DJ Khaled

10. When he encouraged us to follow him to success.
DJ Khaled

11. When he become our support system.

12. And when he became our fearless leader.


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