19 Instagrams That Prove Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill Are BFF Goals

1. They compliment each other’s swag.

2. Anything they do (like rocking matching leotards) they do together.

3. They care about each other.

4. They’re always getting into shenanigans together.

5. They pick on each other.

6. They know how to party.

7. They bring out the bada$$ in each other.

8. They do stupid sh*t together.

9. They always ride in style.

10. They know what’s best for each other.

11. They know how to take good BFF selfies.

12. They bum it out together.

13. They’re each others ride or die.

14. They know how to have fun.

15. They’re pretty much inseparable. (And always being weird).

16. They’ll do just about anything for each other. (Like sticking their hands down each others’ throats).

17. They’re reckless together.

18. They love the heck out of each other.

19. And they just look good together.

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