25 Little Ways To Treat Yourself Better Every Day

Do you want to be made to feel special and loved? Isn’t it about time you let life work for you rather than you working for it? It’s all possible and within your reach…only if you are ready for it and willing to make the commitment to honor your needs.

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Jacinta Moore

1. Eat whatever it is that you want; as salty or sweet as it may be. Enjoy it in moderation and without guilt.

2. Accept a compliment by saying “thank you” whether you believe it or not. The person who gave it sees something noteworthy about you; trust them.

3. Give a compliment to someone when you see something noteworthy about them. Allow for a moment of reciprocated happiness.

4. Be kinder and gentler to others; they will in turn do the same for you.

5. Be kinder and gentler to yourself; you deserve the same respect you give to others.

6. Within your means, save up and buy yourself a special gift. Your effort to obtain it will allow for its appreciation.

7. Save up and give yourself the gift of “energy”. Say “yes” when willing and “no” when something feels more exhausting than pleasant.

8. Take a 20-minute power nap when your body is tired.

9. Dance, laugh, sing, twirl; give yourself permission to let loose.

10. Cry, scream, pout, disconnect; give yourself permission to release frustration.

11. Let your “mid-ground” be your normal mode of operation. It will keep you steady and capable to handle yourself in whatever situation you’re presented.

12. Take pride in yourself; choose your clothes, words, and the people who surround you with careful attention.

13. Don’t take anything personally; 99% of the time when someone says something to hurt you it’s their problem not yours.

14. Make your home a comfortable place of shelter, nourishment, and well-being.

15. Make your bed a sacred space; it’s where you recharge, sleep, and pass intimate moments.

16. Take a trip to escape the city and go to the countryside or vice versa; for a change of atmosphere and pace.

17. Say what you mean and mean what you say. In turn, you will trust in yourself, as others will, too.

18. Don’t let anyone tell you how and what to feel; that’s for you to decide.

19. Give yourself permission to feel; let your intuition guide and heal you.

20. Take up a hobby, interest, or learn a new skill; surprise yourself by revealing an inner talent or ability.

21. Learn to feel comfortable in your skin; embracing imperfections and admiring your attributes.

22. Remember that you deserve to be here on earth; you are an important and unique asset to the human race.

23. Respect your limits. When you are full, stop eating. When you are tired, carve out more time for rest. When it’s time to go, leave in peace.

24. Spend time with yourself; becoming your own best friend.

25. Allow yourself at least one simple pleasure a day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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