33 Questions To Find Out If Your Partner Is Actually Your Soulmate

33 Questions To Find Out If Your Partner Is Actually Your Soulmate

There is something about knowing that you have a soulmate that makes you feel alive. A lot of people have different opinions on how many soulmates they believe that they have. I personally think that we only have one when it comes to a romantic relationship. That view hasn’t changed.

However, I used to think that a soulmate would be a perfect reflection of you. I used to think that your soulmate would just arrive and that they would magically know everything. They would know what you like. They would know how you would want to be treated. They would know your love language. I wasn’t naive. At all. I knew that your soulmate would make mistakes because no relationship is perfect. I was already certain that every single human is flawed and that everyone makes mistakes because I know that I make mistakes, too. I knew all of this. But, I just didn’t think that I would have to teach my soulmate what my love language is. This view has slightly changed for me.

I still believe that your soulmate should know the basics. You shouldn’t constantly teach someone how to treat you. They should treat you right the first time around. There should be a spiritual connection. They should respect you. They should trust you. They should be honest with you. And, they should never stop showing you love and expressing their love to you in many different ways. Even though they may not know what your love language is in the beginning, it is important that they try to learn it. Your soulmate might not come into your life and know how to do everything right. But, they will study you and they will try to take the time to know you. They will try their best to learn how you need to be loved because they want to love you the right way and the way that you deserve to be loved. 

Many people are stuck because they don’t know if someone is their soulmate right at this moment. You will know that a person is your soulmate when you feel a kind of love that you have never experienced before. This kind of love doesn’t just exist on the surface. It is way deeper than that. This love will feel godly. But, how do you determine that?

In case you’re stuck on whether or not someone is your soulmate, here are some questions to ask yourself in order to figure it out: 

1. Do you feel safe with your partner?

2. Does your mind feel calm instead of chaotic when you are around your partner?

3. Does your heart feel protected?

4. Do you feel a powerful connection?

5. Can you trust this person?

6. Have you ever felt anything like this before?

7. Do the ordinary moments feel special?

8. Are you inspired by them?

9. Can you see yourself with this person for the rest of your life?

10. Do they take the time to study you?

11. Do you feel free around them?

12. Are you able to get through obstacles together in a calm manner?

13. Are the both of you aware that every single moment in a relationship won’t be happy, but you are both willing to work through it together?

14. Does your partner sense when you’re not okay?

15. Does your partner pay attention to what causes you pain and tries to avoid it?

16. Does your partner give you the healthy space to grow on your own?

17. Does your partner want you to reach your highest potential?

18. Can you talk about anything and everything with each other?

19. Does the connection feel real?

20. Can you be honest about everything with each other?

21. Does your partner try to learn about your interests?

22. Does your soul feel happy when you’re around them?

23. Would you want your future children to be like this person?

24. Do they make you feel good inside?

25. Would younger you feel happy and safe around this person?

26. Does this person know what to do when you’re sad?

27. Can you talk about your past with this person so that they can learn what you have went through?

28. Do they strengthen your weaknesses?

29. Do you help each other grow?

30. Do they make you want to be an even better person than you are?

31. Is this person your friend, too?

32. Has this person brought you light?

33. Do you love who you are when you’re around this person?

If you answered yes to all of these, then chances are that this person is your soulmate. 

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