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My High School Math Teacher Still Haunts Me To This Day

Have you ever been to a wax museum and stood in front of an exceptionally realistic figure? Sometimes, they feel like they’re about to reach out and grab you. Some of them almost feel as though they have a soul, or an essence of some kind. Well, being around Ms. Laramé was the opposite of that. I was looking at a living, breathing, moving person, but there was something wrong with this woman. She had no presence whatsoever.

I Used To Love Camping Until I Learned What Lived In The Woods Behind My House

The zipper began to unravel as the power cord lifted against it. I dove towards the TV as swiftly as I could, and unplugged it. There was so much tension on the cord that my actions caused the form to fall back with an angered shriek. This time, I heard my sister stirring in her bed. I barely had time to process what happened, when I saw something slide into the tent from the small opening it had just made.

The Real Reason Kids Hate The Dentist Will Keep You Up At Night

I liked to act as though my toys were real, and I gave them each distinctive personalities. That said, they never moved of their own volition. I was always well-aware that I was the one controlling them. This was different. I wasn’t doing it. I wanted to cry and scream for my mom, but this was one of the first time she’d left me on my own, and I didn’t want to blow it.

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