16 Modern Day Signs Of A True Friend

New Girl: The Complete Second Season
New Girl: The Complete Second Season

1. They’ll automatically like or comment on EVERYTHING you post on social media so you don’t look like some kind of friendless, pathetic, Steven Glansberg type person.

2. If you begin watching a TV series on Netflix together but are delayed by a hectic schedule, they’ll give you at least a two-week grace period to get your priorities right before moving on without you.

3. They rarely flake on you and the times that they have cancelled it was because of a legit emergency*. Look, the friendship qualification bar has lowered significantly, so nowadays we’ve got to make sure we praise the beautiful souls who offer what should probably be considered basic human decency, like following through on set plans.

*Death in family or illness that is causing uncontrollable bowel movements. Netflix getting the new seasons of a particular show barely misses the cut.

4. If you pass on an invite to a public event or get-together for the sake of completing tasks or mandatory work, they won’t give you a hard time or criticize you. That being said, they might take photos of their awesome time out and tag you in them on social media so you can be there in spirit/cringe at what you’re missing.

5. There are apps you’ve downloaded strictly for the two of you to interact or vice versa. You may not be in love with Vine or Snapchat, but if it’s a means of exchanging ridiculousness with a friend, you’ll allow it that 8.6 MB of space.

6. No spoiler alerts, ever. While they may want to discuss happenings on the most recent episode of a show, they’ll never blurt out details without seeing if you’ve watched first. This has become a valid reason for friendships to end these days.

7. They can borrow your laptop and you aren’t concerned that they’ll see anything shocking or disturbing because they’re well aware of what kind of creeper/weirdo/monster/occasional Taylor Swift YouTube video watcher/lurker/supposedly meant to search for ‘Big Black Socks’ type person you are.

8. Whenever you’re a part of group texts, you hold a separate, realer conversation on the side, discussing everything amongst yourselves.

9. All of your electronic devices automatically connect to the Wi-Fi when you’re at their place.

10. In great detail, you’ve discussed how great a reality show or sitcom based on your lives would be. Just so you know, every group of friends thinks they’re worthy of 30 minutes on VH1 and frankly, based on the current lineup they’re probably right, but I digress.

11. Betrayal in the form of selfishly posting an unflattering photo of you on the internet would never happen. Even if they look flawless in it, at the very least they’ll crop your unfavorable existence out.

I2. If a picture of the both of you is going online, they let you choose the filter.

13. They’ll laugh or pretend to be captivated by the YouTube video you’re showing them, even if it’s obvious that this isn’t their cup of tea.

14. If you don’t interact often for an extended period of time doubt doesn’t arise, because your friendship is unwavering and there’s a mutual, unspoken understanding of that.

15. You’ve hung out at their place without them present, using their belongings to kill time until they’re back.

16. You can tell them your potential tweets and they’ll give you an honest review to help you decide whether or not it’s worth sharing with the rest of the world. TC Mark

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